Chewie With Blaster Rifle

Type: Character, Rebel
Destiny: 1
Power: 6
Ability: 2
Deploy: 5
Forfeit: 5

Game Text:
Adds 3 to power of any freighter he pilots. Adds one battle destiny if with C-3PO. Permanent weapon is blaster rifle (may target a character or creature for free; draw destiny; target hit, and it's forfeit = 0, if destiny > defense value).

First off, my apologies for not making any new reviews in, well...a fair while. My own website which previously hosted my card reviews has been down for a long time (I suspect hackers?), and I have been fairly busy recently. However, Chris tells me my reviews have been in a fair amount of demand, so who am I to argue? :)

Chewie With Blaster Rifle...aka ECC Chewie. Yup, by now we're all very familiar with the good 'ol enhanced characters, and I suppose Chewie deserved one ever since EPP.

So how does he fare up to his fellow furballs? He gains 1 deploy over ANH Chewie, and over Endor Chewie deploying to Endor (which is most common anyway). Fair enough. He also loses 2 forfeit. Gah, this isn't good! He's still ability 2 so, just like the other Chewies, gains a forfeit +2 boost from Insurrection. Power is the same, again; Bane Malar bait, and more recently a tempting target for Royal Guards with Force Pikes. He loses Endor Chewie's bonus defense value too, meaning he'll likely be choked, trampled, or shot quite easily. Dengar has a field day against him.

And what of his text? OK, he adds 3 to power of freighters. That means zip on most ships; a 3 on the Falcon is nice, but not very versatile. Give me Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron Leader over Chewie in space any day. Adding a destiny with 3PO isn't going to be something you'll see often either; 3PO rarely makes it into most decks. And finally we come to the weapon. Firstly, you'll notice that it is the worst of all the light side enhanced weapons (destiny > ability, rather than destiny + 1 on Lando, Han or Leia). Don't expect to hit the big guys here; Bossk, Dengar, 2/2 Imperial pilots would be your victims here. However, forfeit 0 against an otherwise forfeit 5-7 weenie with Imperial Arrest Order is very useful.

The final analysis? Eh. Useful, true. However, he likely won't stay on table long thanks to his low defense value and lack of immunity. In decks like Rebel Strike Team or There Is Good In Him with strong Endor themes I'd advise ditching him for Endor Chewie. In fact, you're probably better off with a character who can draw battle destiny alone (like Bron Burs, Tawss Khaa or Melas) most of the time. Just not too enthralled with this card. He's sitting in my binder now alongside Master Luke and Quiet Mining Colony.

Rating: 5