Chewbacca of Kashyyyk

Type: Character, Rebel
Destiny: 1
Power: 6
Ability: 2
Deploy: 6
Forfeit: 7

Game Text:
Deploys -2 on Endor. Adds 2 to power of anything he pilots. When targeted by a weapon, may "roar" (defense value=4). When on Endor during your deploy phase, may deploy Lumat and/or Wuta for free here from Reserve Deck; reshuffle.

Finally, a new Chewie! And, as always, his advantages over his predecessors are all up to personal taste.

First thing to note is the high deploy. 6 anywhere, 4 on Endor; it's as though we're being told something here, aren't we? Coupled with Bad Feeling Have I, and 8 to deploy him to, say, Tatooine really doesn't look worth it. On Endor, he even gets an added bonus to the Rebel Landing Site; and if you add in those 2 free Ewoks from the deck, all of a sudden he's become quite the economical choice. In fact, he works great on Endor: not only well with the Ewoks, but being a scout he gains all the bonuses and what-not from his compatriots and the new Endor Objective for the light side.

Aside from that, perhaps the biggest up-side to this new Chewie is his defence value: a sparkling 4, over the previously lousy 2! Now your opponent is going to have to think a little more carefully as to whether or not to shoot this furball! Of course, he's still taken down easily by everyone's favourite Sith Lord; one choke and it's over. Who hasn't choked Chewie in this game before? :)

As always, Chewie remains a powerhouse, which is all he really is used for. Add in Chewie's Bowcaster and you have some serious Ewok support. Just don't try and use him too much off Endor; for all your effort he'll probably just get choked.

Rating: 6