Type: Character-Alien
Destiny: 2
Power: 4
Ability: 1
Deploy: 4
Forfeit: 4

Game Text:
Power +1 at a jungle, forest or Kashyyyk site. Also, power +1 at same site as any Imperial. Wookiee Strangle is a Used Interrupt. When Bowcaster is deployed or fired by this Wookiee, X=1. Adds 3 to destiny of each of your bowcasters.

Not bad at all; despite the fact that it's a fixed card and thus a headache to get hold of. Off the bat, the uses are obvious: another power guy, strangling people into submission, firing bowcasters. Well...I guess this one has fairly obvious uses :)

Of course, these guys work best if you're using forests or jungles...that means Operatives, or maybe playing on Yavin 4. Either way, bringing these guys up to a 5 isn't too hard, depending on your deck, and the rest of the way is just up to the opponent.

Remember, also, this these Wooks are non-unique...yup, all the perks of a non-unique, and no need for representative bonuses! Well, Tessek could be a very good idea, but not necessary :) Maybe try putting Tessek in the Audience Chamber and use Arleil Schous on Tatooine to deploy them for only 2 force...then Nabrun Leids them wherever you want to go for a heavy-hitting strike force. No need to worry about Oota Goota, Solo? since they're aliens...Oh, and to make it even more painful, watch the fur fly with a couple of Disruptor Pistols, which you also got in those light side Special Edition starters; just because Bowcasters are implied doesn't mean you *have* to use them :)

Overall, decent cards to help combat the dark side Tusken Raider or Skrilling hordes; even though it's hard to put together a similar Wookiee horde.

Rating: 7