Wookiee Guide

Type: Used Interrupt
Destiny: 4

Game Text:
Add 1 to landspeed of your scout at an exterior site for remainder of turn. OR If Han is with Leia or Chewie in battle, draw one destiny and subtract it from opponent's attrition against you.

Ho hum. Your typical mediocre card that usually fills up most of a set, this one is no different. First off, let's look at the first function: adding to landspeed. You can do the same thing with a Dash, being more versatile, if you're willing to spend some force. As it is, this has limited use, unless you're guiding Sergeant Brooks Carlson. In most cases you can do the same thing here with a vehicle; and unless your character was alone, they're usually going to be outrunning their friends, which is never good. Sure, it could have been a lone Daughter Of Skywalker or Orimaarko, but then it becomes more specialised doesn't it? Carlson gets around this as he lets EVERYONE move. But you probably won't need this then anyway.

The second function is better: subtracting from attrition is always nice. With the right combinations of Hans, Leias and Chewies, you could be adding destiny, canceling theirs or killing them with permanent weapons. Getting them all together ain't as hard as you'd think, if you play it right. If your Guide destiny is equal to or higher than their total battle destiny, you can save some EPP's from dying. Let General Solo even cancel a destiny if they're getting more than 1. In any event, subtracting from your attrition is ALWAYS a good thing, provided you can draw a good destiny; pulling a 1 is likely going to be pointless.

So, use the card, don't use the card, it's up to you. You'll likely end up replacing it with some other card in your deck, though.

Rating: 4