Wookiee Roar

Type: Lost Interrupt
Destiny: 3

Game Text:
If Chewbacca is defending a battle alone at a site, add two battle destinies. OR Use 3 force to search your deck and take Chewbacca into hand. Shuffle, cut, replace. OR Scare off (lose) one mouse droid on table.

What have we here? A two in one lone/back card? With yet another use? Looks good to me... Personally, this has to be about the best back card there is. Not only is it 1 force cheaper than the others, but it doubles up as a lone card, which may be handy in a clinch. Fine, you can't retrieve from the lost pile, but the light side has enough ways to prevent Chewie from being lost, including Mantellian Savrip, Bacta Tank and 21-B.

Now, as for the lone bit? Unfortunately, Chewie doesn't get a battle destiny himself normally, so a Sense could really be bad. However, what if you can react with a battle destiny? Any vehicles on the table may be too obvious, so try this: Chewie on the Falcon in the clouds; he battles, you react with Cloud Cars. Chances are, he'll waste his Senses here in an attempt to jump an undefended Falcon and Chewie. "Oh no" you exclaim in mock fear...as you pull out your Wookiee Roar and Out Of Nowhere; not quite as helpless as he thought now. If he doesn't sense, play the Cloud Cars anyway and still get two battle destinies, but with a higher power. Works on the ground with Solo Han as well...only you need some way to keep their Senses at bay or you're toast.

And the last part? Scare off a mouse droid? Doubt you'll find that overly useful in this life, but you never know. All in all, a good surprise card; surprise them with Chewie out fast, or LOTS of battle destinies.

Rating: 6