Wookiee Strangle

Type: Lost Interrupt
Destiny: 3

Game Text:
Use 2 force to target an opponents non-droid character present with one of your Wookiees. Both players draw destiny. Add ability and power. Target is lost if Wookiee's total destiny > target's total destiny.

A quick way to get rid of an annoying character, but at the expense of a lost card, which is probably worth it most of the time. Considering Chewie get's a +8 bonus to start with, this is one card you're going to win with most of the time. Try throwing in an Electrobinoculars and take pot-shots at some of the dark side's heavy hitters. Or use it to just knock off an annoying character, or that little bit of ability they need for a battle destiny. That weapon bugging you? Kill it's holder. Captain Bewil or Bib Fortuna stranding you? Strangle him. Could be some very interesting uses with this card. However, is it really effective? It's heavily reliant on you're already having Chewie down, and then you still need to pay 2 force to use it. Could probably be fully replaced with a Blaster and Blaster Proficiency most of the time. Still, it's a fun card, and that's all we really want isn't it? :)

Rating: 6