Let The Wookiee Win

Type: Lost Interrupt
Destiny: 5

Game Text:
During a dejarik battle, add one battle destiny. OR If a Wookiee survived a battle you just lost, deploy on one opponent's character of ability.

Well, what can I say? If you're playing a dejarik deck (a strictly dark side only strategy in my opinion), this will be a must. I've personally never played with dejarik's before, but I can imagine power differentials to be small, and attrition very painful. Why not make it more painful? As for the second part? Well, why not use a regular Disarmed instead? It's easier to pull off and has the same destiny. Fine, it may not be as fun, but hey, it's more effective. But let's say you do want to pull this off. First, you're gonna need a Wookiee. That only means Chewie. Next, he's gotta SURVIVE a battle. That may not seem hard, but isn't a low ability, high power character a prime target for weapons fire? Especially considering he also participates in 2 battle destiny adders...well, you get the drift. Oh, and that's not all; you then have to lose the battle. That's not what you realt want to do, is it? You might lose most battles anyway and take advantage of the Mantellian Savrip, but for a card like this? I don't think so. So, in my final analysis, a card that is mediocre and can be fully replaced by other cards. But heck, it's fun :).

Rating: 2 (only because it's fun :P)