Wounded Wookiee

Type: Lost Interrupt
Destiny: 2

Game Text:
During a battle, if opponent just drew more than two battle destiny, cancel all byt two of those destiny draws (your choice). OR If your non-unique alien is in a battle, cancel game text of one Rebel present for remainder of turn OR Cancel Clash Of Sabers.

Eeew. I hate the picture on this thing. That is sick. Truly sick. Besides, I don't remember that happening to Chewie in the movie, but maybe that's just my imagination.

Now, on to the card itself; finally, a card that can throw a wrench into one of those truly annoying mains and toys decks with so many battle destiny adders it's just crazy! "Gee, did I just draw 16 battle destinies, because I had every main in that battle?" "No, you didn't. I choose...those 2 zeroes." "Doh!" Yep, that's what this card will do to your opponent. It can be a game changer if played at the right time. Do you really want to suffer 20 attrition, especially if you're playing with all the nifty new Jabba's Palace aliens? Of course not! This is so good you're gonna at least want There Is No Try out to protect these. But wait! You're not playing against a mains heavy deck! This card still has it's uses. It's now bloody likely you're going to have that non-unique alien in a battle now, and with no real penalties for the light side having Rebels out, it's a good bet you can use the second part of the game text too. "Sorry, Obi, you ain't telling me where my Tusken Raiders are going! Ururruurruruurr!" And that last little bit? Cancel Clash Of Sabres? That can be a painful card, especially if you want to retreat. Believe me, you'll know just when you'll be needing this card.

Rating: 7 (-1 for the picture: eeewww)