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Rambling, ranting, and/or raving about about all things Star Wars is the focus of FACPOV. However, there are times when other topics may be discussed. Most of the editorials are by yours truly, but there is the possibility of an occasional guest editorial. If you are interested in writing a guest editorial, contact for details. Also, keep in mind that the opinions expressed here are FACPOV and they may or may not match your own. Also, the opinions expressed in a guest editorial may not reflect the opinion of Shaven Wookie, Ltd.

Vader Speculation [Possible Spoilers]
Guest Editorial by Policraticus McEwok
June 13, 2001

Endor Reconsidered
Guest Editorial by Policraticus McEwok
October 28, 2000

Various Thoughts for Summer 2000 August 7, 2000
Unveiling the Star Wars Myth
Guest Editorial by e l w e n
October 2, 1999

Wash Your Hands of Us, Obi-Wan Kenobi, You're Only Soap!
Guest Editorial by Cheetah!
September 20, 1999

Random Thoughts for Late Summer/Early Fall 1999 September 12, 1999
Various Thoughts on The Phantom Menace June 10, 1999
The Phantom Menace of May 19, 1999 April 20, 1999