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The Courting of a Proposal

The moon is rising yellow and full
over the roof of the Presidential cafeteria
on a navy blue sky.
The fragrance of the white magnolias' blooming
is all over campus.
The eight to nine inch blossoms
nearing the end of their blooming time.
You can smell them even
  over the traffic fumes.

The Man in the Moon smiles gaily
as a cloud waifs past his head.
He slowly climbs in the evening sky
  opposite the sunset.


The yellow glow bathes
the campus in moonlight.
Everything looks surreal.
Nothing is as it should be,
But everything is fine.
He is enjoying himself
  and the sight below him that spreads out.

The faint glow.
As Brother Sun fades from the sky
his light will be the only one
  around for many hours.

' Takes pride in his work.
The river shimmers.
The lights from the bridge dot the water.
The moon
A streak waving
Waving at the people
on the shore and
on the bridges.
People driving by
not even noticing.
Too intent on their dashboard
  and their final destination.

The white clouds drift by
like shreads of cotton
mimicking the reflection
of the moon on the water.
He ducks his head briefly
behind a small cloud
to rest his bleary eyes
before watching over
  the earth for the night.

The lights of the courtyard
are harsh
and create bright contrasts
the edges of the building
  to the dark of the sky.

Noone notices this wondrous sight
or the smells or the sounds
but the lovers on a walk
as we have walked
and we shall walk
  when we are once again together.

A light cloud
gently brushes his face
as your hand has brushed mine
softly caressing the skin
softly, gently,
so as to be barely felt.
But the emotions,
the emotions behind the caress
transmitted through the light fingers
into my heart
I feel them deeply.
  I return them to you threefold.

The glow of your pale skin
in the moonlight
such a wonderful sight.
God could not have created
a greater creature.
Nothing with such a good balance of
beauty and intelligence
and emotions that dwell in my soul
that you evoke.
Nothing could ever release them
  as you do.

I reach out
simply to pull you close to me
To feel your presence in my arms
To feel the fullness of our embrace
To transfer my emotions from my heart
directly to yours.
To embrace in a passionate kiss
the soft pink of your lips
so inviting
  so sensual.

The warmth of your breath
on my cheek
thrills me
as I whisper,
"I Love You"
in your ear
and run my trembling hands
through your long, golden,
shining, blonde hair.
Hair as fine as spun gold
but more precious
because it's yours.
All the gold in the world
could never make me give you up.
  I would hate myself forever.

He rises still further.
Smiling on us
as if to say,
"You have my blessing.
Go forth and live
a happy life together.
Go and rest those bodies.
I will watch over you
all through the night
and you shall watch each other
all through the day,
and all through the days
that you shall live and love,
that your hearts shall beat as one
and your emotions flow as a
  river connected between you."

And so I turn to you and ask
If,         you are ready,
   Will you marry me?

Written: June 1993
1993 by Michael Melosh
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