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Diana, the Peoples' Princess (1961-1997)

A bright Light of Hope too soon extinguished

She was a beautiful person. I never met her, but I am grieved by her passing. She was very pretty, very personable, intelligent, and a good mother. I am saddened by the loss suffered by William (15 y.o.) and Harry (12 y.o.) and the world.

She may have seemed mercurial but what normal person in her position wouldn't seem so? I don't think I could have handled the stresses she did with as much composure. She did so much to bring the Royal Family out of their delusions and into the real world.

She had great compassion for the homeless, the terminally ill, and those maimed by warfare among others. She had her own ideas and passions. It was these that contributed to her problems with the Royal Family. However, I believe that it was these that made her more real and more beloved to the Americans. It may well be that the Americans have as great a loss as our brethern in the U.K.

When I was first heard, I was full of disbelief. I couldn't and wouldn't believe it. I still don't want to, but I cannot avoid it. I still hope to wake from this nightmare.

We are all better for having had her in the world with us.

Diana, I never knew you personally, but I have loved you and I will miss you.

- Michael Melosh

  I laid down and I cried.

1997 by Michael Melosh
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