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Environment 5

by Michael Melosh

The dull gloss paint,
The right-handed desks,
The brown filing cabinets.
The four-set of lockers,The heavy air,
The cumbersome, rattletrap heat register,
The American flag waving in a breeze that can't be felt.
The box and button of the P.A.
The cluttered bulletinboard,
The cumbersome books listing on the shelves.
The dirty, dusty green  chalkboards,
The stifling heat.
The biting chill,
The papers strewn across the desk,
The airy posters,
The bright lights.
The poorly lit desk tops,
The students sprawled in their chairs.

The soft giggles, The loud whispers, The humming of the fan. The constructive conferences, The distracting dialogues, The slow scrape of the pencil on paper, The shuffling of feet. The clicking of heels on tile, The slapping of hands on denim, The zipping of bookbags. Thoughts screaming to be heard, The sliding of desks, The sighs of boredom, The shushes of the doers. The retorts of the time wasters. The beep of the bell, An uproar. Silence

Written: March 1990
1990 by Michael Melosh
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