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by Michael Melosh

We were in Love
Or so we thought

I wanted to tell you
But you said, "Don't say it."

So I reexamined my feelings
And I thought and thought.

It was the only answer
I could could come up with

I had never felt that way before
Nothing else would compare

I waited for you
To accept your feelings

You waited for me
To realize my impediment

Together we shared
What we thought was rare

We made promises
We tried to keep

We exchanged symbols
Of what we believed

Across the distances
Like a rubber band stretched tight

Time helped the weaknesses show
It wasn't strong enough

The gaps grew bigger
Until I pulled and SNAP

Each of us hurt
By an end flying back

The Pain wasn't physical
But it was very real

Our Love wasn't strong enough
If it was Love at all

Only two of us know
And we will never tell

Two friends who shared
A spot in the shade

Who through the tough
And the joyous times

Will remain friends
'Till the end of Time

Let's bury our hatchets
And make a pact

To respect each other's feelings
And let friends be friends

So I offer my hand in earnest
Will you take it, Friend?

Written: July 22, 1991 to Lee White

Since February 15, 1996,
I have happily served Counter seekers.

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