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THE Interstellar Heroine

Star Wars: A New Hope [Episode IV]
She was first seen on the "Blockade Runner" (Corellian Corvette) Tantive IV feeding information to Artoo-Deetoo (R2-D2) after the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator had captured and boarded it, including Darth Vader. She was captured by a squad of Stormtroopers after she had killed the one in the lead. When she was brought before Darth Vader, she was defiant and refused to yield that she had connections to the Rebellion claiming Diplomatic Immunity as a member of the Imperial Senate. She was then taken aboard the Devestator and eventually to the Death Star where she under went drug and torture aided interrogation during which she revealed nothing. It is not known but is speculated that she may have unknowingly used the Force to aid her resistance and block the probings of Darth Vader during said interrogation. After the interrogation, she was brought before Grand Moff Tarkin to be asked the location of the Rebel base one last time under the threat of having her home world of Alderaan destroyed. Despite her admission that the base was on the planet Dantooine, she was forced by Vader and Tarkin to watch as the Death Star destroyed Alderaan killing her adoptive parents and most of her friends. After being sprung from her cell by Chewbacca, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, none of whom she knew from Adam, she led the party down into a garbage masher. After their escape from the garbage masher, she again took the lead. When the quartet encountered a squad of Stormtroopers, she and Luke continued toward the Millennium Falcon on a separate path from Han and Chewbacca each pursued by Stormtroopers. She held off the Stormtroopers as Luke grappled an overhead pipe and swung them across the chasm. Once on board the Millennium Falcon, she tried to comfort Luke on the loss of Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi, his mentor, to Darth Vader in a lightsabre duel. Once on Yavin IV, the hidden Rebel base Vader was seeking, she helped coordinate the defense of the base from the attack of the Death Star. After the successful destruction of the Death Star using the plans she had secreted in Artoo aboard the Tantive IV, an award ceremony was held to honor Luke and Han with Chewbacca during which she placed medals around the necks of Luke and Han.

Approximate age: 20 standard years

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