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Gun Control
Assault weapons are not needed by the populous and should be banned. The waiting period invoked in the Brady Bill should apply to shotguns and rifles as well as handguns. Any person convicted of a violent or drug related crime (above simple possession) or that has a history of mental instability, should be banned from the possession of firearms and explosives.

As all cars are sold with locking mechanisms to keep people who shouldn't be driving them from behind the wheel, all guns should come with locking mechanisms which keep people who shouldn't be using them from using them. (Criminals will find a way around anything.) People should also be provided with firearms safety and shooting classes, one of each for each type of firearm purchased. You could not take the shooting class until satisfactory completion of the safety class is registered. Only then could ammunition be purchased in any ammount above the one box required to complete the shooting class. This first box could only be purchased at the shooting class with any unspent ammunition going home with the now trained gun owner.

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