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by Michael Melosh

Reality is a state of mind that doesn't exist if you don't let it. We confuse technology with reality. TV is technology, it's not reality, it's fantasy. We have so much technology that we have lost our senses. We cannot hear, see, smell, touch or taste what we used to three thousand years ago. The native animals: eagles, wolves, cougars, condors, Indians, dodo birds; they survived successfully together for thousands of years. But the ignorant, stupid, and conceited Europeans with all their diseases and poor quality of living and lack of birth control come in and try to possess what they could not and destroy what they could not possess. If we do not return to more ecologically sound methods and do not get rid of the threats of chemical and nuclear war, we will destroy all life on earth and God will have to start over because we screwed up.

Written: May 12, 1988

Since February 15, 1996,
I have happily served Counter seekers.

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