Copyright infringement, the net runs rampant with it. Most folks on the net seems to think that if something's easy to copy, it's OK to copy. I've been on the net since about 1982 and I've seen this attitude in action ever since. It baffles me how the basic concept of theft just flies out the window for most folks when they're online. Copying someone else's code or content is unethical, actionable, and potentially criminal. It makes people refrain from putting up their most valuable stuff for fear of theft. It squelches creativity. Don't do it.
. . . Also, I've spoken with a lot of folks who've had their code and content swiped. Their consistent complaint is, "It would have been OK if the thief had given me credit." They're annoyed not by the copying (which is actually kind of flattering), but by the lack of attribution, by the plagiarism. So maybe the reprieve will come in the form of the simple courtesy of giving credit where it's due.

As soon as reliable microtransaction technology grows up, anything valuable will be more or less uncopyable without fee. - Brent Britton of Britton & Silberman LLPEBusiness October 1997)
Bolding, color, and size are my emphasis. - usher

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