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usher's Star Wars Links

The links on this page were gleaned from those recommended to me via my guestbook, those mentioned on RASSM and RASS Info, and those I sought out or find on my own initiative.

There are no MUD or MUSH links and very few CCG links. There are a few RPG character/group links. If you are looking for more gaming links, I recommend Links to the Star Wars Galaxy's gaming links.

I am glad for information regarding my current links if they are incorrect. Please include the link name as it appears on my page in your correspondence and any information you have on that link you think I should know. I appreciate your help in keeping these links up-to-date.

Princess Leia Organa

This page contains bio data on Leia and a brief synopsis of her activities in the movies. A link can be found here to a page containing bio data of her family members and close friends. This page also contains links to several pages containing video captures of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan. Also included in those pages is a mosaic of video captures of her in Somewhere Under the Rainbow and fun one of her posed in her Jabba's Palace slave outfit from ROTJ with a few of her costars.

The Usenet Presence of

usher is who I am on the news group RASSM. He is strongly opinionated but his mind can be changed; a flirt; witty; sarcastic and sometimes a smartass. In fact, he is the Official RASSM Smartass (ORSa). He has been on RASSM since August of 1995 and is considered one of the older "oldbies". His previous incarnation was as "The Searcher".

The Shaven Wookie Web Page

While not on this server, Chris Hawkins and I came up with the idea together and both have input into the page's content. Stop by for a good laugh.

RASSMers' Web Pages

These are people who are/were regulars1 on the newsgroup rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc (RASSM) who have WWW pages. There is a section on this page for those of the aforementioned pages which are related to RASSM. This is not all inclusive as there are always new members of RASSM and "lurkers" whom I have no knowledge of.

1 A regular, is someone who has been posting in RASSM for two months or more.

RASSMers: Where Are They?

This is a page with the locations of RASSMers by continent, country (w/ flag), state/province/administrative area, and city where available.

RASSMers' Birthdays

This is a listing of the birthdays of RASSMers in two lists. The first is by month/day and the second is by year born. One can send them a birthday e-mail by clicking on their name in the first list and a regular e-mail via the second.

Getting on the RASSMers Pages

If you qualify as a regular, all that is required for you to be included on the pages is for you to e-mail me with the information required for the page you wish to be included on (e.g. URL, birthdate, location).

Hopefully, as time permits, this website will be expanding. If you have further questions, ask me.

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