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by Michael Melosh

To some people Christmas is the spirit of giving. To others it is a celebration of the birth of Christ our Savior. To many it's a chance to have their family and friends gathered around them. To some it is a time of sorrow in remembrance of their losses. But to most children today it is the spirit that comes with this season.

All they know about Christmas is that a fat, white-haired, old man with flying reindeer and a sleigh brings them a king's ransom in gifts if they've been good. Where has the religion gone in our religious holidays? I don't know one Jew who doesn't know the significance of Hanukkah.

If all we tell is Santa Claus, why then isn't it officially called Santa's Night or X-mas? Why is there a "Christ" in Christmas?

I believe that advertisers are largely responsible for the children's misinformation. On television you see no mention of Christ but Santa Claus is plastered all over every commercial with the exception of a few. The commercialization of Christmas has gone so far as to start in the first week of November. There are also "Christmas in July" sales. I didn't know that Mary had a holy child named Christ in July. I could have sworn it was late December. I guess I was wrong.

Maybe the advertisers are right. Christ was born in July and the spirit of receiving is superior. After all, who are we to believe differently?

By the way, whoever's in this red suit, while I'm on your knee this is what I want for Christmas...

Written: December 1989
1989 by Michael Melosh
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