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The music of John Williams is one of the most recognizable and memorable aspects of the Star Wars films. After all, it is the music which helps create the mood of the scenes and highlight the action which is taking place on the screen. While the music of John Williams is the perfect fit for the Star Wars films, The Alternate Soundtrack takes non-theatrical scores/songs and uses them as the music for various scenes and character themes. In some instances, the same piece of music is appropriate for multiple scenes and/or character themes.

If you would like to submit a song, not written specifically for a film, for inclusion in The Alternate Soundtrack, please send the song title, group/composer, and scene/character it goes with to





Contributors: Chris Hawkins, usher, Sal Waterfall, Morwen, Psycho, Stephen Hanafin, Raul Valderrama, Kentaro Maeda, Jill Marie Fritsche, Robert Nolan, James Watson, Stephen Tilson, Rimrunner, John Price, Cheetah!,,,, Geoff D.,,,,,, Gabe Z.,,,,,,,,,

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