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Name: Amy Pronovost
Alias(es): Amara, ArtyEwok
Last Known Location: Great White North
Personal Website: http://www.flyingarmadillo.com/cantina

Favorite Star Wars Related Moment:
Going to a con in Plano TX and meeting Jeremy Bulloch, Peter Mayhew and everyone from TFN. That was really fun :)

Other Pertinent Info:
I do freelance artwork for the official Star Wars Kids magazine and I also like funny animals.

I work as a web site designer at a local ISP so I am in front of a computer way too many hours out of the day. :)

I love to draw but I don't draw as much for myself as I used to, still getting settled into my new home. I'll be setting up my watercolour studio (read: table in my basement) though so I can paint to my heart's content :)

Inducted: 1997
Last Updated: August 1999

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My average day consists of being awakend by the radiation of my nuclear alarmclock, going to the nearest EvilCorp Educational Facility to have new, exciting information downloaded directly into my earlobes, then being escorted to my germ-free biodome by the men in the white coats, where I chip uranium-coated golfballs until the voices go away. Pretty boring, all-in-all. Unfortunatly, I can't tell you much more about myself without risking loss of my air of mystery -- and if I lost that, all the other supergenius beings from the planet Elvis would laugh at me.

Inducted: 1997
Last Updated: Fall 1998

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Favorite SW Related Moment:
Attending the Official SW Celebration in Denver (April 30-May 1, 1999) would have to be my most memorable SW related experience. It rained all weekend, the Fan Club apparently hired Gungans to coordinate the event, and I missed my flight home on Sunday. But somehow meeting and hanging out with a bunch of RASSMers offline made it worthwhile, even if it did take a while to find those legos! :)

Other pertinent personal info:
I graduated from the University of Maryland in December 1998. I majored in Logistics and Transportation solely because it sounds impressive and a little different from the norm. Currently I work in the supply chain department at Sweetheart Cup Company, maker of fine paper and plastic goods that will continue to provide shelter for the cockroaches long after everyone's gone. When I'm not forecasting or distributing plastic lids, I've been known to waste a lot of time on RASSM, @RASSM, RASSC+, and various other non-SW groups. I maintain and post the Novel Reading Group FAQ and coordinate NRG activities, with the help of a certain Mon Calamari. As if being a fan in this online community didn't take enough time or money, I'm also a collector of the toys, comics, and trading cards.

Now for some non-SW stuff. A short list of musical interests: Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Yes, Tangerine Dream, Univers Zero, Simon & Garfunkel, and Miles Davis (mostly--but not always--I'm listening to progressive rock and jazz). I read SF more than anything else, but I also enjoy history (American and ancient), science (of the non-technical variety), comics, and general fiction. I tend to rent movies more often than watching the latest multiplex garbage. Favorite sports: basketball, football, baseball. I'm an Eagle Scout and still remain somewhat active in my local troop; from this experience, I love camping, canoeing, hiking, and the outdoors in general. Highlights of my scouting career include canoeing for a week along secluded northern Maine rivers, and a sailing trip to the Florida Keys that was interrupted by Hurricane Andrew. Oh, and I do like Star Trek: TNG :)

Inducted: June 1999

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Marital Status: Single, but taken
Occupation: Laying down some funky grooves
Last Known Location: Great White North

Favorite Star Wars Moment(s):
I could say the first time I watched the movies, cause I loved them then. On video one Christmas...ahhhh. Or I could say how I waited 18 hours in line for tickets. Mind you, it was less for the tickets then for hanging out with some of my friends that had went to college, I never got to talk to them anymore. I think I'll just go with the time I saw TPM with Raven. :)

Other Pertinent Information:
I'd like to be a producer of films, since I'm interested in that. And I make music right now, it's at http://www.mp3.com/bandito64. Hmm, I'm a big movie fan, and own loads of DVD's(150+ as of this moment). I also have some misc. Star Wars stuff around. But I've gotten out of collecting that, I just keep some of it. I'm also very immature, having many other toys. It's fun. Not as big a collection as Matt or Mike....yet :P

Inducted: 2000

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Alias(es): Gretel Many

Personal Information:
I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania in the third year of a dual degree program with concentrations in Computer Science and Marketing. Believe it or not, but I still like to program, in spite of all the hassles that it gives me. For all you wannabe programmers out there, there is only one thing better than that feeling you get when the program that you have been writing finally works with no errors (It's up to you to figure out the one thing that feels better than this.)

I play many different types of sports, including football (the real football, not that "soccer" stuff) and basketball. I like the Chicago Bulls, Da Bears, Da Blackhawks (hockey), and Da Cubs (baseball). Which is kinda funny, seeing as I've never lived, nor know anyone from Chicago. I am a fan of Star Wars, Quantum Leap, Science Fiction/Fastasy, and Star Trek. Yes, Star Trek.

I am also a writer, and have submitted my first novel to Baen Publishing Co. I should be hearing from them pretty soon, but don't worry, I'm sure it will be rejected. I'll keep you posted. On RASSM, I play the character Gretel Many in the Sith Wars, and have won the Humor Contest on this very page.

Inducted: 1997

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Name: Tracy Spann
Alias(es): Cheetah!, Rabid Hoojib
Age, as of carbon freezing: 38
Occupation: Currently Work-Free
Last Known Location: Phoenix, AZ

Favorite Star Wars Moment:
Luke's Death Star Trench Run, which was my 1st glimpse of the movie, having walked in early for the next showing.


- RASSM Troll-Baiting
- Flaming Spammers
- Filking
- Punning

Inducted: 2000

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Name: Andrew Schischka
Alias(es): Chief Crazy Shoes, CCS

This recorded by an Imperial Probe Droid: "Online I like to read RASSM, play Quake, maintain my SW page, surf the web (cowabunga) and download por....uhh...yes. Offline I do a little dance, make a little love - then get down tonight."

Psychological Report on Chief Crazy Shoes

Being the Official RASSM Nobody, Chief Crazy Shoes is largely ignored or preferred to be forgotten to such an extent that it is surprising he features at all on the ORHP Hall Of Fame. When able to make himself heard it is found that he has nothing of worth to say, usually spouting off-topic 'funny' talk instead of the preferred on-topic discussion. Not to say that he is totally worthless however, CCS has his moments and occasionally makes a worthwhile contribution to the shadowy group known as rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc. The random nature of this cannot be explained.
Chief Crazy Shoes displays a hostile attitude. His posts are not corrected for offensive language and he tends to hold his own opinions as most important. He has little, if no respect for political correctness and has views which need to be suppressed. CCS is sometimes unusually cruel to newbies and has even been known to bite. Such personality traits are worrying and he should be "cured" of these should he ever be captured.
He is the president of the group 'Elite Men Of Rassm (EMOR)' but little is known about it.
Chief Crazy Shoes is vocal about his homeworld of New Zealand and doesn't let "ignorant foreigners " forget it. The line "Raise my rent, punk" can be commonly found in his .sig yet it remains unexplained. It is the decision of this office that in light of his imminent threat that, upon capture, Chief Crazy Shoes is destroyed after further analysis into his psyche.

CCS runs the internet web page known as Hosk Station, at:

Inducted: 1998

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I love hitting the movies , especially action adventure and sci-fi. I don't think it's a real film unless there's an explosion in it! I love reading novels, mainly sci-fi and techno- thrillers. Comics are a lot of fun, mainly Marvel and Dark Horse. Finally, I spend a lot of time at school, with my wife, and at church.

I love humor on RASSM and the news. I really dislike anyone whose personality is programmed by MTV.

My friend and I ran the Star Wars Page at Texas A&M before creating TheForce.Net. I am also a grad student at Texas A&M in offshore structural engineering (I build oil rigs). Finally, I guess I'm real tall (6' 5"), but I just think I'm normal and everyone else is short.

Editor's Note: The ORHP forgives Scott for building oil rigs.

Inducted: 1997

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Occupation: Writer
Published Works:

Inducted: 2000

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Profile Not Available

Inducted: 1997

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Name: Dark Lord Karno Dal
Last Known Location: Dallas, in the Texas System
Age, as of carbon freezing: 27
Occupation: International Man of Mystery

Favorite Star Wars moment:
Despite being my least favorite of the series, most of my favorite moments come from Return of the Jedi. Yoda's death scene, all of the Emperor's scense (Ian McDiarmid is a MASTER in more ways than one), the final duel, and especially Anakin's return as a spirit at the end.

Personal Information:
I'm a web designer/developer for a growing e-commerce company in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. When I'm not working (which is most of the time)I'm listening to my anime/Jpop MP3's, eBaying, or working around the house. I'm also an avid fan of the KISS, the Atlanta Braves, and Alabama Crimson Tide football.

I've been a Star Wars fan since 1977. I went to see A New Hope on my seventh birthday and I've been hooked ever since. Later that year, I appeared in the Birmingham News dressed as Darth Vader, having a lightsabre fight with another member of my second grade class. As you can see, I turned to the dark side at an early age.

Karno Dal's sidekick is Chris-Doll, who still bitches about not being inducted with his "lesser" half.

Inducted: 1997
Last Updated: 2001

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Alias(es): L.B.
Last Known Location: Snowdrift in New York
Age, as of carbon freezing: 26
Occupation: Sith Flower Arranger

Favorite Star Wars Moment:
My mum & nan took me to see ESB when I was six. It was the first time I'd ever seen one of the movies, after having read the storybooks and played with the toys for years. The movie blew me away and altered my destiny.

The runner-up moment was in April of 2000, when I finally, after *many* years of playing with the toys and reading the books, bought my own copy of Episode I to sit next to the trilogy (yes, I watch them as well). It reminded me how great it was to be that six-year-old seeing it all for the first time.

Other interesting SW moments include sticking rolls on the side of my head, dressing as various characters (not just for Halloween, either. I dressed in black for most of 1984... I think it had something to do with Luke).

Other Pertinent Information:
I discovered RASSM one night late in '99, searching for people to talk SW with, and boy, did I ever find them. :)

Away from the RASSM system I live in the Bronx, teach computer literacy and enjoy dressing my cat Simon as a Jawa and my dog Holly as Queen Amidala. However, I'm not sure they enjoy it.

I read every book I can get my hands on, I went through my Douglas Adams phase, my horror phase, my Shakespeare phase, a short episode of Dr. Suess and am currently in my third Star Wars book reading frenzy. I'm partial to the Han Solo trilogies, Lost Legacy was the first grown-up Star Wars book I ever read.

I'm fond of taking things apart and building other things, gardening and collecting Star Wars goodies, playing video games, watching movies, listening to music and playing pool.

I hope someday to meet someone who will sing Yub Yub and have lightsaber duels with me.

In my spare time I am a lamppost.

Inducted: 2001

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Last Known Location: Covina, CA
Age, as of carbon freezing: 21

Favorite Star Wars Moment:
I guess there would have to be two moments to mention. The first was in March of 1995, when I flew to San Fransisco for the Art of Star Wars exhibit at the art museum there. It was indescribable--the costumes, props, merchandise, presentations, everything. And the second would probably be the first time I saw the Fox logo and theme, the words "A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away..." during the ANH rerelease.

Other Pertinent Information:
Well, I read voraciously, anything from Sci-Fi/Fantasy to criminal psychology to history and religion. I write as well, and have completed two screenplays and am hard at work on a third. I'm a fencer, a foilist to be precise, on the University of Southern California team. I gradute from USC in December of this year and will probably be going to law school next fall.

Inducted: 2000

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FAV PASS-TIMES - OFF-LINE: Err, the real world, huh? Ummm... Pass.

To explain my personality, I'd like to tell a little story. I was once in a room full of all my friends and said "If I ever needed to plead Insanity in a court case... you guys'd vouch for me?" to which everyone in the room replied "Yes" simultaneously. Quite impressive, considering I was in an empty room.

Born on a cold October morning in May 1972, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Grew up in Bega (an area renouned for it's mass produced cheese, and well, just the cheese thing really...) and Bathurst (Intially famous during the local goldrush us being the nearest big town to all those little towns that had gold. Now it's really only a place to keep the local Race Track between races.) both in NSW. Moved to Townsville, North Queensland during final year of High School, and went on to spend the next six years at the local Union and off trying to avoid the real world.

Inducted: 1997

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Alias: Ghent
Marital Status: Married
Children: Alexander Joseph (Born 31 May 1998)
Occupation: Self-employed computer programmer & web designer. Staff member of TheForce.Net.

Favorite Star Wars Moment:
In 1983, I was 12, Luke jumped off the skiff, flipped, grabbed his saber and started saving the day. That was so mind blowingly exhilerating the first time I saw it.

Editor's Note: Paul is no longer a staff member at TheForce.Net as he has taken a position with Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Inducted: June 1999
Updated: July 2000

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