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Allegiance: Imperial, yet a friend to the Alliance (read: SPY)
Duty Station: Imperial outpost somewhere in the United States
Occupation: Official RASSM Jewish female stormtrooper, and perpetually doomed to comb the sands of Tatooine in search of droids
Marital Status: Yes. Sorry, guys... ;)

Likes: Cooking, reading, exercise, weekend and day trips with the "other half," being with family and friends, running a BBS, science fiction conventions, movies, PBS programs and cooking shows on TV, computers, tribal drumming, collecting anything and everything Star Wars except the toys, enjoying music of all types (especially country...I'm half redneck!), horror and vampire lore, playing pinochle, challenging puzzles and other brain candy, and anyone with a sense of humor more warped than mine.

Favorite newsgroups:

  • RASSM, of course
  • alt.binaries.starwars
  • alt.binaries.sounds.midi
  • alt.binaries.sounds.midi.country

    Favorite websites:
    I've got about 30 Star Wars sites in my bookmarks

  • www.foodtv.com
  • Software download sites (www.tucows.com & www.windows95.com)

    Inducted: 1997

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    Alias(es): The Gatekeeper, G8kpr
    Last Known Location: Scarborough, Ontario
    Age, as of carbon freezing: 25
    Occupation: Student/Bookstore Employee

    Favorite Star Wars Moment:
    My favorite ? Hmmm, thats tough. I can recall playing with my friends snowspeeder often (I loved that thing.) Getting my first star wars lego set is up there. But if I change this to my most "Memorable" star wars moment, then that would have to be when my best friend came back from seeing ROTJ on opening day. I asked "How was it ?" he said "Great, Darth Vader dies"

    I was crushed, he ruined the whole movie (or so I thought) in less then 5 seconds. But after seeing it I wasn't dissapointed, untill I watched it again a couple years later =)

    Other Pertinent Information:
    I am currently a student at Centennial College working my way to getting a job in the computer Animation field. I'm looking towards maybe special effects, but we'll see.

    I've been a Star Wars fan ever since it was cool, then uncool, then semi-cool, then really cool, then uncool (where is it now ?)

    My first movie I remember seeing in the theaters was ESB, although I am positive I saw ANH in the theaters, but probably at it's re-release with ESB.

    Inducted: 2001

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    Currently, I'm a pretty busy person. (Aren't we all?) I am a student at the University of Utah, majoring in Secondary Education (History, Anthropology and Geography). My major of 3 years had been Filmmaking, but then I finally realized I would not be directing the Prequels, so.....;-) My second choice will have to do...

    Obviously, I'm a Star Wars fanatic, with ESB being my favorite. When I'm not watching, reading, talking, or typing about Star Wars on Usenet, I am running after the 2 most beautiful children in the world: Alexander, 5 and Katherine, 2. I also have a 'real' job for a major airline, so I travel _very_ frequently. (Single Mom going to school and working....hmmm, I wonder why I'm _so_ tired all the time....;-)

    My other interests include: Harrison Ford, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, 80's pop music, 4 wheeling, motorcycles, camping, traveling, skiing, anything Russian, hats, SW books and comics, milk, peanut butter and chocolate (preferably together).

    I dislike rudeness, narrow-mindedness, soda pop, short hair, staying in one place, anything that doesn't go my way.

    People say I'm too skinny, weird, moody, outgoing, and have delusions of grandeur at times. ;-)

    Online, I only frequent Rassm, but you could also see me at #rassm, @rassm, or lurking about rec.travel.air, rec.music.artists.stevie-nicks, and alt.religion.wicca.

    Inducted: 1998

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    Alias(es): Granular
    Age, as of carbon freezing: 22
    Last Known Location: Southeastern Wisconsin
    Occupation: Transportation engineer/perpetual college student

    Favorite Star Wars Moment:
    I have a couple of them:

    1982ish: The first time Star Wars is shown on HBO, which was also the first time I ever saw it (not counting the time my parents went to see the movie in '77 while I was still in my mother's womb).

    1983: Saw RotJ at the theater. That was the the only one of the original trilogy that I saw in a theater during it's initial run.

    February 1, 1997: Saw ANH:SE at the local theater, never before, and never since have I been a theater with such a euphoric feeling running through the crowd.

    Other Pertinent Information:
    Besides working as a Trasportation Engineer for the US's second largest engineering firm, being a Civil Engineering student at Marquette University, and liking Star Wars, I also work as a crew leader on the county's Rescue Boat (we fill in the gaps between the Coast Guard's continuous budget cuts). Boating has also gotten myself and a friend to create (shameless plug) SouthBuoy.com (it needs work, I know, don't knock it).

    I'm also a big football fan (real football, not the soccer stuff), and often spend my autumn Sunday's watching the Green Bay Packers.

    When I'm not watching football, I enjoy boating, backpacking (although I don't do enough of it) and canoeing (which has led me into building concrete canoes for school).

    I've long been a fan of science fiction, and other then Star Wars (which IMHO is the best SF movie series), am also a fan of Star Trek (not Voyager), and am a firm believer that the greatest series of SF novels ever written are the Dune Chronicles.

    Inducted: 2001

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    Name: John Price

    Personal Information:
    John Price (or Gray Leader, as he's known on rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc) is actually a 13 year old living in Kew Gardens, New York. When he's not wasting his time on Usenet, or wasting his time e-mailing friends who are probably also wasting THEIR time, he's either playing piano or serving out his sentence of two to three years at Russell Sage Junior High School. An aspiring writer or biologist, he spends his days catering to the needs of his two cats and his slavedrivers/teachers.

    Inducted: 1997

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    Entry not currently available.

    Inducted: 1997

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    HAPPY (aka Andy Dill, General Sai)

    Name: Andy Dill
    Alias(es): General Sai, Happy
    Likes: Poy Poy, David Foster Wallace, Spice Girls, Wu-Tang Clan, and some girl in the photo department.
    Dislikes: Large Angry Gorillas

    Other Pertinent Information:
    The former General, leader of the JTFC, last spotted wearing a jetpack and disregarding any sort of leadership rresponsibilities, sends his regards. It has been his yearlong dream to return to the hallowed halls of RASSM, but situations over the summer and now prevent anything other than passing visits. He sends his regards, wishes you all well, and encourages you all to read his writings. They can be found at http://www.risd.edu/mixmed/mixedhome.html one every two weeks.

    Peace out space brothers! I hope to return soon.

    Inducted: 1997

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    Name: Jeremy B. Selenfriend
    Alias(es): The Happy Butcher
    Age, as of carbon freezing: 22.5
    Occupation: Makeup & FX Artist
    Last Known Location: Somewhere between Pittsburgh and New Jersey

    Favorite Star Wars Moment:
    My favorite Star wars moment eh? There are two of them... first was being pulled out of kindergaten by my mother to see a sneak preview viewing of Return of the Jedi, and second is the Muppets Star wars special.

    Other Pertinent Information:
    I like pie.
    (but if youre reading this, then you knew that didn't you?)

    Inducted: 2001

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    Alias(es): Shaven Wookie Guy, Keeper of the Shaven Wookies
    Last Known Location: Big Sky Country

    Favorite Star Wars Moment:
    Getting out of school early to go see Return of the Jedi, on the day it premiered, with my best friend and my dad. A close second would be attending the premieres of the SEs and TPM with usher.

    Inducted: 1997
    Last Updated: November 2001

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    Name: Jonathan Cullinane
    Alias(es): Inertia, Nert
    Last Known Location: UK, South East

    Favorite Star Wars Moment:
    Favourite SW-related moment would have to be the various UK RASSMcons I've been to.. lots of laughs :)

    Other Pertinent Info:
    I'm a student, awaiting exam results for gaining access to University entry at Kent at Canterbury.. Other than that I'm basically your average computer nerd, as it were. Interests include: SW, reading, computing, multimedia, and anime. That's all, folks.

    Inducted: August 1999

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    Name: Jade Lemonade
    Alias(es): Galactic Boobies, Tortured Artist, Hot Pants
    Age, as of carbon freezing: 28
    Occupation: Usenet Personality
    Last Known Location: Kitchen

    Favorite Star Wars Moment:
    Had my first kiss while playing Star Wars at age 8 (we didn't know about the Luke/Leia brother/sister thing yet). Star Wars is the first movie I ever saw on Planet Earth. Nothing can top that.

    Other Pertinent Info:
    I like long crawls on the beach, Insulting tourists, pretending to be dead in public, and pickling nonfood items. I worship Jek Porkins.

    Turn Ons:
    Turn ons: Virginia Ham, cheap booze, warm pants.

    Turn Offs:
    Turn offs: wet pants, motor oil, arrogant stupid mean people...

    Inducted: 2001

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    JAMESG (aka James Galloway)

    Fluffy bit:
    Well I'm a student, aspiring SF novelist and completely insane! Since I started the RASSM T-shirt project I have borne the proud title of official RASSM organiser... Everyone else gets to be cool, I get to be organised...

    That do? I hate talking about myself...

    Inducted: 1997

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    Name: Stephanie
    Likes: Chocolate, Star Wars, strange cartoons (Sailor Moon and Gargoyles), Elfquest, dragons, computers, video games, fantasy books, all things Internet. Coke and Italian food.
    Subjects: Science, comp-sci, art.

    Dislikes: Fish, chinese food, arithmetic.
    Subjects: History, football.

    Real Life interests: Computers, art, music (for which I have no talent), exploring, and making things all by myself with no help from any other sources.

    Characteristics: Nerdy, no glasses, brown eyes, long dk. brown hair, evil grin.

    Inducted: September 1997

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    Name: Mike Shaffer
    Alias(es): Jedah
    Occupation: Nothing legal
    Last Known Location: Columbus, Ohio
    Age, as of carbon freezing: 27

    Favorite Star Wars Moment:
    Sitting in a theater getting ready to watch The Matrix for the second time, and seeing the Lucasfilm logo appear and watching as Trade Fed transports came up over a grassy field. I felt like a kid again.

    Other Pertinent Information:
    I am the leader of the Gungan Mafia, really big into Tenchi Muyo, married, have 2 kids, an unhealthy obsession with video games, and want to end world hunger by dropping cows on Ethiopia. Other than that, I consider myself the Phantom of RASSM, waiting in the shadows to strike at the unexpecting horde. Well, that, and I write Sith War posts that make people cry. However, I bear no likeness to Barry Manilow, though I do look a lot like the lead singer of Bare Naked Ladies.

    Inducted: 2001

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    Personal Motto: Live until you die.

    Well, you wanted to know, so here is a little info on me. I enjoy weight training, riding my motorcycle, martial arts (Taekwondo and Aikido) and meditation. I love music, and have been a drummer for over 15 years. I have a pretty nice collection of new and vintage Star Wars toys, props and collectibles. I guess I'm just a big kid at heart!

    I like riding my mountain bike, running, playing volleyball, baseball, and tennis. I also like to read. Aside from Star Wars novels I enjoy the works of Dan Millman and Carlos Castaneda. And I like posting to and reading RASSM!

    Inducted: September 1997

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    Profile Not Available

    Inducted: 1997

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