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Name: Paula Martin

Personal Information:
I'm pretty busy with family (husband & 3 children) hobbies are art, photography, custom framing, and working on home improvments.

When I was just a young teen, I ran away and joined the circus. I was in love with a trapeze artist named Mario. He could do a quadruple flip without a net beneath him. I decided that the only way I would be accepted by the rest of the performers would be to become a circus clown. You may have seen me last time the circus came through your town. I was the one with the big giant feet and red curly hair.

On a more serious note... I'm just a regular girl-next-door kinda person. I sure don't feel my age... I feel like I'm still in my 20's. All that changes back to reality every time one of my children has a birthday, and whenever I think about my oldest being 18 and my youngest will go to Jr. High next year... Waaaaaa!!! Pet hates are insensitive people. A funny thing about me is... I don't know of any funny things. I grew up with 4 brothers, 3 of them older, so I tend to get along better with men than I do women. I think most women are too catty, and gossipy. I still like doing girl stuff, though, like dressing up pretty, getting my hair and nails done, and romance.

Oh, by the way... I never really joined the circus.

Inducted: 1997

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Age, as of carbon freezing: 28
Last Known Location: Cambridge, MA

Favorite Star Wars Moment:
The electric moment as the curtains opened and the 20th Century Fox logo appeared at the midnight-opening-day screening of The Phantom Menace. Within the movies themselves, the sight of Vader, in silhouette, atop the steps when Luke arrives to confront him in Empire.

Other Pertinent Information:
I'm a computer game designer, with one game (so far) to my credit: Asheron's Call, a massively multiplayer fantasy game. I'm also a fantasy writer, with two novels and a bunch of short stories to my credit, and I'm currently working on a new trilogy.

Inducted: 2000

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Alias(es): The Vampire Poe, ASVS Big Scary Guy
Age, as of carbon freezing: 35
Occupation: filmmaker/horror fx artist (unfortunately not my "day job: driver supervisor for San Gabriel Transit")
Last Known Location: Earth

Favorite Star Wars Moment:
The chase in the asteroid field in TESB. I get goosebumps everytime I am tailgating a garbage truck with debris flying off it on the freeway.

Other Pertinent Information:
Maintainer of the Ultimate Starwars Vs Startrek Databse. I also dabble in horror fx makeup.

Inducted: 2000

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Name: Arkady Hodge
Alias(es): Policraticus McEwok of Wookie, Policrat', Pol', Official RASSM Turn On, Slim, Kansas, Fat Bastard
Age, as of carbon freezing: 21
Occupation: Student
Last Known Location: Trinity College, Oxford

Favorite Star Wars Moment:
As Star Wars goes, I'm an uncomplicated sentimentalist. The Battle of Yavin and the Vader/Luke duel aboard the second Death Star have to be my favourite moments from the films. I also have happy memories of reading Tim Zahn's Heir to the Empire trilogy first time round. And RASSM just rocks.

Other Pertinent Information:
As to reality... I'm a postgrad historian, working towards my DPhil and trying to work out what I should do with the rest of my life. To pass the time when I'm not peering into the Dark Ages, RASSMing, or simply thinking quietly, I enjoy (in no particular order) reading, eating, drinking, and taking my clothes off in public...

And I've already told you more than you wanted to know...

Inducted: 2001

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Titles include Armchair Empress of Hoth and Female Badass Rogue Jedi of the Twilight Side, and after arranging her own death in Sith War IV, she became the Deceased Deity of the Holy Crusade to take over RASSM. Otherwise she has become a self-proclaimed authority on what happens to Jedi when they die, and she also maintains The Unofficial RASSM Page.

Part time paranoid, full time stubborn; she takes pride in being weird, and a trip to the US only drew her closer to the Dark Side. She now refers to herself as the Dark One.

Aside from Star Wars, favorite things include scifi/fantasy/horror (Babylon 5, Stephen King, Bradbury, Tolkien, etc.) and hockey(!)

Inducted: 1997

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Dark Rendar has an unabashed love of Star Wars, which is good because of a newsgroup like this. But, since our entire lives can't revolve around SW 24 hours a day, he also is a music lover, particularly Classical and Country music. Give me Garth Brooks and Shostakovich and I'll be happy for days.

DR is also deep into Drum and Bugle Corps, which is a little-known activity loosely based on the marching band. We call it "Marching Band on Acid" because of the more difficult music and drill that is used by Drum Corps. DR also enjoys reading, and his current favorite authors are Grisham, Crichton, and Clancy, although he does of course read all of the SW books he can get his hands on. :)

Dark Rendar has one real pet and one imaginary pet. The real one is a dog called Puzzles; she's an old but extremely lovable golden lab that loves anyone and everyone, including cats, who she just thinks are fascinating creatures. And, of course, many of you have already met Barq, my pet squirrel that often joins Dark Rendar on his adventures through RASSM.

Well, DR has to get back to class here at MSU, or he'll not be here much longer. And, remember, wherever there is a throng in RASSM, Dark Rendar and Barq will be there, telling everyone about it!

Inducted: 1997

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Name: Jevon den Ridder
Alias(es): Jevs
Age (as of carbon freezing): 17 (and I can explain the carbon freezing part)
Last Known Location: Passed out on top of a friend behind the counter at Burger King
Occupation: Dominatrix Understudy

Favorite Star Wars Moment(s):

Other Pertinent Information:
Often described by many as Jesus (pronounced Heyzuus), I am dragging along through life with the same, repetitive stuff day after day. The only things that keep me going are film, movies and getting as drunk as possible.

When I'm finished with education and training, I'll find a film school and end up directing. If that fails, I'll stick to screenwriting. If that fails, I'll write novels. If that fails I'll teach about film and writing. If that fails become a councilor. if that fails i'll host a television show.

I look completely different from how you imagine me (But not as cool as Kuato).

If, in years to come, you're thinking of looking me up, do it soon. I'll either have died of a heart-attack or cancer by the time I'm 34.

Good day.

Inducted: 2000

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Name: Genevieve Williams
Alias(es): Rimrunner, g
URL: http://www.murderofcrows.net
Last Known Location: Pacific Northwest, USA

Favorite Star Wars Moment:
The moment in Return of the Jedi when Luke screams "NEVER!" and attacks Vader during the throne room sequence. Still gives me chills after 16 years.

Other Pertinent Information:
I'm an editor at Amazon.com, which isn't as glamourous as it sounds but means that I do get to listen to a lot of music. That's how I pay my bills (and the occasional luxury item) while working on several Great American short stories, so far unpublished. Bastards. Also the occasional freelance piece; there's something coming up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if anyone cares. When I'm not doing that, I play drums in Murder of Crows, a Seattle-based dark hard rock band (we sound sort of the way Godsmack would, if they had Kate Bush as their vocalist).

I love reading and devour books as often as I can, which isn't that often these days. Current perusals include "Anti-Intellectualism in American Life" by Richard Hofstader, "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" by Daniel Clement Dennett, "I, Robot" by Isaac Asimov, "Speak Daggers to Her" by Rosemary Edghill, "Newton's Cannon" by J. Gregory Keyes, "Split-Level Dykes to Watch Out For" by Alison Bechdel. I've pretty much given up on Star Wars-related fiction, though I think A.C. Crispin's trilogy is quite good.

I am living in interesting times, as the Chinese have it, but I still believe in rockstardom, creative integrity, the contentment of an ordinary life, good beer, the blues, and true love. At least four of the preceding have already come true.

Inducted: 1997
Last Updated: August, 1999

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Name: Brian Smith

When online, I am usually over on #Rassm chatting with my fellow RASSMers or reading the latest posts to the newsgroup. In addition to this, I also participate in JamesG's Star Wars PBEM RPG, and play lots of PBEM wargames.

When I am offline, I enjoy sleeping, watching television, and reading.

Inducted: 1997

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Alias(es): Dark Jedi Maximi

Personal Information:
On-line, I whittle my days away posting to a silly little group that goes by the name of RASSM and scouring the Internet for new jokes to amaze my friends with. Off-line, I enjoy Italian food, light conversation, and long walks on the beach. But seriously, folks -- I do a lot of reading, quite a bit of homework, and playing pickup games of whichever sport I feel like (Hey - who's up for 3 on 3 squash?). My favorite TV shows are the Simpsons (DOH!) and the X-Files, which I religiously watch whenever I have the willpower to stand up and turn on the television (broken remote - damn it!).

I don't know why I was asked, but my pets hates grapes and loud music. Oh, what are MY pet hates. Ignorant people. Impatient people. Folks with B.O. (all of this adds to a deep hatred of myself).

I spend the time with my friends quoting The Simpsons (can't quote SW - none of my friends like it!) and planning world domination.

Inducted: 1997

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Name: Paul Snowball
Hobbies: Sleep. Juggle. Entertain people. Create quizzes.

Other Pertinent Information:
An entertainer in spirit, if not in reality, I like making others laugh. A great lover of cookies and all round fun person. If needed I can be serious but that doesn't usually happen too much. Somehow become the RASSM quizmaster by accident.

Inducted: 1998

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Name: Jon Bolduc

Personal Information: Well, online.... basically I don't do much web-browsing anymore... I work for an Internet Service Provider, so I see about as much of the web as I'd like. However, I do manage to dabble in newsgroups, IRC, and email.

The only NG I really frequent besides my local ISP NG's is RASSM. How's that for dedication, huh? IRC I don't really do that often, either, come to think of it, but it makes me sound like a more interesting and diverse person, actually, so I guess I'll throw that in. Offline - I'm big on watching movies, for one reason or another... so quite often, you can find me doing that... Rent 'em or pay the exorbitant amount of $7 or so.... whatever it takes... if not doing that, I'm probably swimming or playing baseball, my two favorite sports. Not that I'm a jock or anything, but I'd hate to have you think otherwise - I'm no nerd... ;)

Oh yeah... I rollerblade quite a bit... I'm fairly good at it, I like to think, and I have recently been learning railslides and whatnot... I like risking broken appendages to increase the fun factor. In summer I can be found lifeguarding when not working at the ISP... And lately, I've been getting into the acting thing... I've been in several plays so far, but my job kind of prevents me from being in one for another couple of months... So I suppose I'm stuck for a bit.... Hopefully when I get some time, I'm going to be trying out at some local comedy/improv. places... hopefully they'll find me a little amusing. :)

About Spiff.... hmm.... Well, I suppose that the key attribute I should mention is my wit. Now you can take that any way you like... Some cynical people like to twist it, and call me a smart-ass. Perish the thought. :) Others will call me sarcastic. Never. I would take the life of my own children before I admitted to either.

Wait - I don't have children. But nevermind that now.... I'm pretty big on wit and humor... I love keeping people laughing, or at least, from becoming depressed... as a result, stress doesn't really play a large part of my life. :) I just try to focus on that silver-lining crap everyone keeps talking about, and try to keep my friends doing the same. Much less anxiety that way. Plus, I don't have to hear them whine... Basically I'm always in a good mood, and always trying to keep people laughing, if not just wondering if I just insulted them or not. I like playing with people's minds when I'm not making them laugh, so I suppose I could be called an interesting person. My friends will read interesting as "wacky" or "insane", or "looney". Oh well. Maybe so.

Inducted: 1997

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Name: Bruce Lawson
Favorite Star Wars Moment: Duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in ROTJ.

  • Star Wars
  • Judge Dredd & SF in general
  • heavy metal music (particularly Iron Maiden)
  • roleplaying games
  • debates & discussions with intellectual equals
  • women who like all of the above
  • those who exploit the population through the mass-media
    Other Pertinent Informatin: I am the editor of RASSMag, a sci-fi webzine, novel reviewer for shavenwookie.com, novelist, and a screenwriter. I am currently working on a commercial project to complement my bookstore: an online virtual guided tour and gift-shop.

    Inducted: August 1999
    Updated: October 1999

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    TMARIE (aka Tatum Berglund)

    off - ski, roller hockey, play computer games( mostly wing commander and sw ones like Jedi knight and x wing vs tie), watch Red Dwarf... :D

    on - read rassm duh. And sometimes you can find me on #rassm. Also, I love to vist midi archive sites, ORHP and other rassmers' sites (have almost all of em bookmarked), and starwars.com

    I love to tinker with midi files, gardening, boardgames, and animals (I have 4 cats, 3 dogs, and a few gerbils). I'm an aspiring history teacher, I collect movie soundtracks, and I... uh, was born in Germany (couldn't think of anything else to say).

    Inducted: 1997

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    Name: Ted Ehlers
    Likes/Dislikes: I like sugar. I dislike evil robots.

    Characteristics: Loose fitting and subversive, with an emphasis on Funky.

    Other Pertinent Information:
    Comic books (both collecting and creating), music, driving my Oldsmobile "action Boat" over the posted speed limit, The tasty beverage known as "Zima", and yes, *gasp* classic Star Trek.

    Interests Inside RASSM: Busting "Gonkite" heads, promoting Lobot, Generating top-ten lists and other hilarious and odd semi-on-topic Star Wars related posts, hitting on JavaJawa, agreeing/disagreeing with everyone at some time or another, altering my sig file once a month, and newbie-weening. (Whatever that means.)

    Inducted: September 1997

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    Favorite Star Wars Moment(s):
    The twin suns scene in ANH... and ALL of ESB. Especially the end, which taught me as a child that friendship and loyalty don't always win the day, but they may be the only thing that can save us in the end.

    Other Pertinent Information:
    I'm an aspiring writer (there are so *few* of those around here!) and a Spanish teacher in Appomattox, Virginia. My life consists mainly of spending my weekdays with hordes of teen-agers (truly, the most interesting creatures on the planet), going to movies on the weekends, and writing in stolen moments.

    I spend far too much time playing computer games -- Civilization and the X-wing and TIE fighter games are particularly good at consuming my spare time. And I spend far too much money on scale models that I seldom finish.

    Music that inspires me includes Nine Inch Nails, Sisters of Mercy, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Skinny Puppy, Simple Minds, Jane's Addiction, U2, REM, Pink Floyd, Thomas Dolby, and the immortal Weird Al.

    I dream of personal success. The approbation of people I admire is important to me -- perhaps too important. I've never been driven by money, except to the extent that I need money to survive. I don't dream of writing runaway bestsellers; I dream of writing works of integrity and truth... and if they happen to pay the rent, that's just frosting.

    Inducted: October 1999

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    Aliases: Psycho (deprecated), Leia
    Age, as of carbon freezing: 25
    Last Known Location: Stockholm, Sweden
    Keywords: Cross-dressing, procrastinate, inane, procrastinate, off-topic, procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate

    First Star Wars memory: seeing ANH on TV in the early 1980's. Stopped watching after I got scared by the Dianooga.

    Favourite Star Wars moment: Actually, there are two. The first being when I saw ANH:SE for the first time, since I hadn't seen any Star Wars films in a theater before. The second is when I, with tears in my eyes, twice read the transcript of the first TPM trailer one morning in the fall of 1998, totally screwing up my head for the exam I was taking an hour later.

    Least favourite Star Wars moment: Two here also. First, having Qui-Gon's death spoiled by the track listing to the TPM soundtrack CD months before I saw the film. Second, discovering that the opening crawl of TPM had been translated to Swedish.

    Favourite Star Wars movie: ESB.

    Other Pertinent Info:
    Started reading RASSM in the fall of 1995, and posted for the first time in January 1996 (yes, it was something about the shoe. So sue me). I still read RASSM semi-daily, and wish I had anything intelligent to post.

    Was seen almost daily on #rassm for a couple of months in 1999, but had to give it up, and now I only visit it when my (or anybody's) presence is asked for. These days, I'm mostly active on @rassm, where I regularly manage to piss someone off, which causes bitter threads that are best forgotten (and hopefully ignored by those not involved).

    Why am I in the HOF? It can't be because of my inane (but thankfully quite few) postings from 1996-1998. It most certainly can't be because of that horrible Sith War V post (which I now wholeheartedly regret and distance myself from). No, more likely it's because of my work as co-maintainer of the RASSM FAQ. (Or maybe it's one of the perks of being a part time member of the Streaking Sith Club?)

    I have an education (though no degree, yet) in Computer Science, and currently work with computer security. Family and friends often make remarks about my Star Wars stuff (toys on display, posters, calendars, LEGO models...). And as we're going into a recession, I'm planning on taking a huge loan to finance the purchase of a condo. Smart I'm not.

    Favourite pastimes: reading *quality* literature, writing, watching film, and watching such quality TV shows as "Dawson's Creek", "Felicity", "Once and Again", "Providence", "Ally McBeal", "Friends", and "Seinfeld". And stalking Natalie Portman.

    Oh, and I got the highest grade possible on that exam. Coincidence? More like inspiration.

    (This entry edited for brevity.)

    Inducted: 2001

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    I've been on RASSM now for two years (amazing! I can't believe it!). It's always been a source of great amusment and entertainment, and to a certain extent that is still true. Star Wars doesn't seem to have the world in it's grasp quite like it used to, so RASSM is a bit slow now. I look forward to the prequels, not only because they're new Star Wars films, but because RASSM should pick up again.

    So for the moment I mess around with #rassm and ICQ. Off the internet I love to write - I love to write anything. I'm an aspiring screenwriter (I've always had a creative streak - I almost became an artist). I make (or did make) Star Wars models. I like watching films, which is how I eventually turned to screenwriting. I write occasionally for my local newspaper. I've appeared on TV. I support Blackburn Rovers soccer club. With any luck me and my pal will get our own show on college radio soon. I take my finals this summer. I like music (Reef, Radiohead, Bernard Butler, The Stone Roses, Supergrass and Embrace). I play the drums for The Notorious Head of Smersh, and I am co-author of the cult TV show The Adventures of Captain Paranoid and Aggro Boy (well, it's not cult yet.... or a TV show.... but it will be. Trust me!). Oh, and I had a near-death experience in 1996 when my diabetes almost killed me.

    I dislike slow people, stubborn people (even though I'm stubborn), indecisive people.... people. ;) Most of all, I hate people without a sense of humour. If you haven't got a sense of humour, you haven't got anything. Kallas is right: Insanity *is* the only true freedom. But personally, I subscribe to my own philosophy: Arrogance is the greatest form of self-belief. That's why I'm the arrogant SOB that I am; because I believe in myself more than anyone else does. :)

    Inducted: 1997

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