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Name: Michael Melosh
Wife: Bria (who thinks I'm a scoundrel)
Pets: Misty & McLeod (cats)
Last Known Location: Front Range of the Rockies

Read, RASSM/#rassm/@rassm, HTML, Star Wars, graphics (computer & hand draw), write (poetry & short stories), listen to music while doing any of the afore mentioned, hike in the Smokies or Rockies.

Pet peeves:
Pet mistreatment, poachers, the Religious Right, those who quote George Brenard Shaw as if he were never wrong...

RASSM Website: http://www.shavenwookie.com/rassm/
Personal Website: http://members.tripod.com/~Melosh/

Inducted: 1997
Updated: 1998

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Bas-Jan Walewijk, or simply 'Beej' to those on IRC, is a Dutch Guy - which pretty much says it all. He studied Law in the town of Leyden and did Business Science in the city of Rotterdam, hiding his academic mediocrity behind Big Words. He found RASSM in 1993 and lurked for close to three years before finally posting. He sorta stuck around after that, instantly becoming universally loved and praised, or at least vividly imagining the same. He fondly remembers most of the great flame wars, though he is now mainly found on the @rassm mailing list. Bas-Jan has a passion for books and movies, and he doesn't altogether hate Star Wars. Words that sum him up include 'Bas'. 'Jan' and 'Walewijk'."

Inducted: 1997
Last Updated: Early 1999

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Occupation: Writer and adman
Last Known Location: Detroit

Favorite Star Wars Moment(s):
When Luke & Leia swing across the chasm. No scene better embodies the swashbuckling fun of the SW saga. And it's accompanied by great John Williams music -- bombastic and almost over-the-top, but perfectly suited for the moment.

Other Pertinent Information:

Inducted: 2000

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Alias(es): slw67, Son of Piett (DNA tests inconclusive; but since he's a Star Wars character, and I'm not...well, I guess I'm not...I think I can live with it)
Age, as of carbon freezing: 23
Last Known Location: Right here. Also known as Somerset, MA.

Favorite Star Wars Moment(s):

Hobbies: Inducted: 2000

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Alias(es): Jaames C'Ewok

Pertinent Info: (supplied by Bothan spies)
Once there was a preppy frat guy named James Watson. Then he got in the way of Sith Master James Trory and his minions and was turned into an ewok. He has great respawning abilities, so no rassmer need fear about killing him dead as we roast him whole over the fire for food.

Inducted: 1997

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Name: Matthew Ting
Last Known Location: Malaysia

Favorite Star Wars Moment:
Finding out it was Darth Vader, not Dark Vader...as I'd thought for oh so many years as a kid. :)

Other Pertinent Information:
Not much to it, just another Star Wars obsessed nut :) Apart from being able to quote almost every line from the movies and inventing funny little situations involving Kenner Stormtroopers and lightsabers, I'm heavily into the Star Wars card game...and I'm at college the rest of the time.

Inducted: 2000

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Offline: I like to collect most things related to Star Wars, especially vintage Star Wars Kenner toys; most sports, especially bowling, football and baseball;build/work on computers; fishing; movie-going; going to historically significant landmarks or areas; antiquing; and finally, going to bw-3 on the OSU campus and having 30 medium wings and a big glass of beer/coke and playing frisbee golf on the Oval (ahhh to be in college again!)

Online: hang out in the Ohio SW collecting mailing list, rec.arts.sf.starwars.* groups, rec.music.movies, favorite web sites:

My personality is completely summed up by the following quote (Calvin being me):
"People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world." by Calvin and Hobbes replies, "isn't your pants zipper supposed to be in front?" from the Bill Watterson cartoon Calvin and Hobbes.

Inducted: 1997

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