The Official RASSM Homepage

"You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

-- Obi-Wan Kenobi, after visiting RASSM City.

The Official RASSM Homepage is the accompaniment to the Star Wars newsgroup rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc. The purpose of the ORHP is to provide a general overview of how RASSM works for individuals new to Usenet, and to archive the events of the newsgroup and its participants.

Main Menu
Brief Introduction To RASSM The Brief Introduction provides individuals with a general overview of how Usenet and RASSM "works." If you read nothing else from the Brief Introduction, please read The RASSM FAQ.
History Archive Contains highlights, lowpoints, controversies, and unusual moments in the history of RASSM.
Humour Archive A large collection RASSM Star Wars humour. Also contains some humour dating back to the days of RASS.
Factions Learn all you wanted to know, and more, about the various factions which have existed on RASSM.
Hall of Fame Contains 70+ RASSMers, former and current, that have been frozen in carbonite and put on display.
The Phantom Menace The most anticipated film of the 20th Century is placed under the microscope of RASSM.
Special Editions Gerthein Boersma has provided the ORHP with a report on what went into the restoration and enhancement of the Special Editions.
RASSMCon Find out what happens when RASSMers meet one another.
Links Surf websites maintained by current and former RASSMers.
Credits The ORHP would like to thank those individuals who have assisted with various projects.
News & Updates Find out what is happening with the ORHP.
Information on Copyright Standard issue legal disclaimer.
E-Mail the ORHP Question(s) and/or comment(s)? Feel free to contact the ORHP.

Constructed: 15 August 1996
Last Revision: 5 November 2001