Get 2 RASSMers together and you have a con!

Well, we had Kim, Myself and a friend of mine 'Patrick'. Patrick and I drove down from Thunder bay to Minneapolis in my car. It took about 6 hours (Because we were keeping up with the locals). We stayed in this place called the 'Budget Host Motel'. We were kind of disappointed that it was in better condition than we imagined.. usually words like budget imply cheap :)

It was nice, and the water didn't go hot... cold! hot... cold.. like I've had happen at some expensive hotels.

We called Kim and arranged to meet her at her dorm. She gave us.. um.. weird.. directions but we found her without getting lost :)

We met, hugged and parked... then we wandered around the campus for a while, observed the local frats (Which I still don't understand. Yeah! I want to fit in so I'm going to do something stupid and drink all night! Most of the frat people were white american wholesome looking guys and gals that looked like they stepped out of a Gap commercial :P Gag.)

Pat and I introduced Kim to the fine nuances of Canadian Language. Serviette, chesterfield etc... and then we managed to pursuade Kim to see TMBG with us.

The concert was really cool, TMBG are awesome live. We tried to do a Conga line, but it ended up turning into a conga crush. Some idiots shoved in front of us just before the concert started which kind of pissed me off as I am short and it was stanbding room only. People that tried to push in after that were met with an evil stare.

By the end of the concert I had lost my voice, and Kim was screaming and cheering louder than alot of the big fans. She even screamed 'We love you!!!'. Another one is converted.. nyuck :)

On Saturday we went to the Mall of America. We commented that we should have more RASSMCons there as it's easy as hell to find. We ignored all the clothes stores and went around to the nature stores, toy stores etc. We found cheap action figures and toys and spent a long time in some educational toy stores playing with the displays and trying on hats and ears and playing with hand puppets.

We also hit a Wal-Mart, a TRU and a Target.

We had lots of photos taken, and when we had to part... it was a long, drawn out good bye but we left..

On Sunday as pat and I were driving home, we stopped into a small town Wal-Mart. I found 2 of the action figures I wanted.. Senate Queen Amidala and Rune Haako. There were also a million Darth Mauls on the pegs.. :)

It was a fun trip!

-- Amy 'Amara' Pronovost

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