December 27

Sal and I woke up, and headed out to pick up Trory at Newark airport. Various problems occur,including not knowing the flight number (Thanks, James), being excessively late because some people can't read maps, and James playing a *stupid, stupid* trick on us. Hmph.

The three of us take two hours to travel what should be a thirty minute journey, seeing a particular ship ten or eleven times. :) We meet Gray, finally, around 6 p.m., two hours after we were supposed to get there. Ah, well.

After that, we have pizza, watch Red Dwarf (Series I, byte one), and we basically all act weird: Trory falls asleep from jet lag, Gray doesn't say a word the entire time, I giggle constantly at everything and make a total idiot out of myself, and Sal.. I don't remember what Sal did, but it was probably as embarrassing. We scared Gray's mother, and then we went home to Sal's house, after dropping Trory off at his age-discriminating hotel.

December 28

James, Sal, and I barely avoidmissing the train to Grand Central, and after completing the ride, walk about a billion blocks to John's Pizza, where we waited for an hour before being seated, and met Rimrunner and her friend... well, he had a name, and he was really cool, but I can't remember what it was, okay? ... Anyway, we eat pizza (Trory attempting to eat an entire pie by himself. He's an idiot.) and are uptight for awhile, quietly listening to Rimrunner and her friend tell stories. After a bit, we relax and start talking about silly, stupid things. I don't remember what they were, but I'm pretty sure they were silly and stupid, though I could be wrong.

We leave and .. I think we went to Times Square, next. Then to the Big Tree (Rockefellar center? Something like that.), and.. and we walked around a great deal. I'm not really too sure what we did, but it involved walking. I was in platforms, so I remember this.

Sal and Trory acted obnoxiously cute, holding hands and not standing more than.. oh, two centimeters apart the entire time (gag me on a spoon), and I think Gray and I managed to almost get lost about a billion times. (The key, I believe, is watching where everyone else goes, and where you're going.)

I don't know what everyone else did (the adults, in other words), because we didn't see much of them. They were ahead of the four of us, and now I realize we could have run off without anyone noticing, and had a really cool time until we were arrested.

Next time, right, guys? :)

-- Rianne

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