As some RASSMers know, this past March, Laura (usher's sister) and I got married. Our wedding served as, from a certain point of view, a mini RASSMCon since there were three active RASSMers (usher, Rakelle, and myself), one lurker (Bria), and one who graciously gives me feedback on my various ideas for the ORHP and (Laura). I will not go into the details of the wedding itself because that is not the particular focus of this report. However, if you want to know about the wedding, e-mail me and I'll be more than glad to "talk" your ear off.

Day 1
usher & Bria arrive in Knoxville. We, along with other members of our families, have dinner.

Day 2
usher, myself, and others wearing tuxedos head off to Goody's to make sure that everything fits properly for the "big day." Later that day, we have a short rehearsal of the ceremony and then usher (best man) & Bria, Laura's sister (matron of honor) & husband, and Laura & myself go out to eat at O'Charley's. While there was quite a wait due to the number of patrons, we easily passed away the time with lots of conversation.

The Big Day
During the morning, I take a drive out to a restaurant near the interstate at Strawberry Plains and meet Rakelle. usher is unaware that she will be attending the wedding. From there, I take her on a small tour of the East Tennessee countryside as the wedding is several hours away.

Finally, the time has come to head to the wedding site and get ready for the ceremony. It is there that usher meets Rakelle and is unable to recall her name, but is able to remember every other detail about her. A classic moment. The ceremony goes smoothly, ignoring the sounds of nearby farming actvity (a small price to pay for having a wedding outdoors with a beautiful view). The reception was also a fun time for all.

Day 4
Laura & I get up in the morning to take Rakelle to the Greyhound station in Knoxville, but not before making a stop at the Tuckaleechee Wildlife Center to introduce her to some birds of prey and wolves. After a fun time at the TWC, Rakelle is off on the rest of her vacation.

Day 5
usher & Bria, still in Knoxville, spend the evening with Laura & myself. We meander some around town, but mostly spend the night chatting. usher & Bria head back to Colorado the next morning.

Day X
I don't recall how much time went by, but it turns out that Rakelle would be coming back through Knoxville on the way to her next destination. Since she had a layover of a few hours, we had to have dinner and watch The Phantom Menace before she left. Another fun evening.

Hopefully, we will all be able to get back together. Though, I think we are going to have to apply for government grants to cover the expenses of travel.

-- Chris Hawkins

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