The alarm clock by my bed blasts out Capital Radio at full volume.. (Like Dave said, who can sleep with Chris Tarrant screaming in your ear?)

It eventually wakes me up (Apparently I'm one who can)

I pick up the printout of Snowy's plan and look it over, I do some quick mental arithmetic (which takes me about 10 minutes - I'm slow) and work out that I have to leave for Croydon by 8:30, since I have to be there by 9, early so as to be able to pick up Snowy on the way to the 'con. I can be out by 8:30..

My sister wakes me up by asking if I should have left yet.

My brain realises what time it is.

Pausing only to pick up the newly charged camcorder battery, (oh, and to dress, wash and all, can't forget that) I'm out the door. Luckily I packed my bag the night before.

One bus has decided not to stop at the bus stop for whatever reason, we get this a lot here, but I finally get on a slower bus.

I get to East Croydon station, out of breath, and frantically looking to see if Ros and Dave have actually waited for me.

ARGH THEY'VE LEFT MEEEE!! Oh wait, they're by the main door, laughing. Thanks guys. (I think they'd have left without me if they actually knew where we were going to pick Snowy up from ;)

After me apologizing several zillion times, we're on the next train to London.

We're at Euston, er, about 20 minutes late (I'M SORRY, OKAY?) and Snowy isn't there.. Panic? I think so. We're off to Charing Cross to find out if he made it there on his own..

Okay, there's the big clock thing, er, where's everyone else? Oh wait we walked past them. Anat and Barry are standing around waiting for us to turn up. Re-introductions occur.. Snowy isn't there, uh oh..

Snowy arrives, he got lost :) Turns out we'd kind of not given clear directions, well at least I hadn't.. I think I'm really screwing up RASSMCon for everyone here :p Well at least we're all there and intact.. 10:55am
Barry takes the lead as he's found a new store for us to invade. Grateful since the rest of us have no clue where to go, we tag along behind him.

In general, Barry and Anat somehow managed to stay constantly in front of everyone else, by at least two meters.. Even when they dropped behind they'd catch up and go on ahead straight away :) This is mostly because they're the only two with any idea where we're going though.

We raid the store, well, we look around anyway, it's a smallish place, but with some nice stuff in there, we especially look at the t-shirts and things, one has a picture of some guy with his head exploding, pleasant.

It's off to the Hollywood superstore for a revisit since last time, er, except they're kinda full for a Dr. Who signing, so we skipped that, off to Forbidden Planet.

We find quite a bit to look around, the new Insider is out, we look at the magazine with Rich's article in, but it's wrapped up so we can't open it and read :(

I pick up a copy of Iron Fist, Dave finds the last two in the Zahn trilogy he's been missing, Ros purchases some CCG cards, I'm not sure what everyone else got.

Well, it's time to eat. There's a Burger King nearby, so what the heck, we eat there. The chips weren't too nice, and went cold very quickly.. We look over some of the contents of Snowy's bag, and generally chat for quite a while before clearing up the remains of the food (? ;) and heading for the train station.

We're on the train on the way to Barry's house (how did we sucker him into doing this twice?) Snowy picks out his sheets of paper with little quotes for us all, we're forced to hold them up to the camera :) and also shows off his jester's hat, very smart ;)

Even after the debacle of last time, we go back to the local supermarket near Barry's house, and stock up. Although the pile is decidedly less than before :) Barry goes off to do his own shopping, whilst Anat leads us all around the aisles to look for crisps and drinks and other stuff :)

We lug ourselves plus shopping bags over to Barry's apartment, and basically dump most of the foodstuffs into a pile on the floor, chuck Barry's widescreen copy of ANH:SE into the VCR (well, when I say chucked, I really mean inserted with the due respect and care a copy of ANH:SE deserves) and settle back :)

Most of the rest of the meet is compromised of watching and commenting on the entire trilogy (we made it through all three films this time :) and laughing at Kermit, as performed once again by Snowy ;)

We actually ate the food this time, instead of leaving it all in Barry's fridge ;) Avi comes in later to join us in needling every single aspect of the films we could find ;) From the stormtroopers who couldn't seem to fit through the hole in the elevator to the detention level, to those weird advisor people in the Emperor's chambers (I swear I have never seen them there before ever ) It was a regular MiSTing session ;)

After picking the Trilogy to pieces, booing the bad SE changes, chatting about the other changes, Anat calling Obi-wan a liar every time he appears on screen, some antics with the toy "light-sword" I brought along for some reason, and a brief session in which just about everyone pulled out a camera of somesort to take pictures with at the same time We settled back to watch Barry's collection of South Park episodes :)

By the time the tape had run through, and we managed to pry ourselves out of whatever comfortable spot we'd found, it was pretty dark outside, so it was time to part ways.. Snowy curled up on the sofa, Anat and Avi departed to catch their northbound train, me, Ros and Dave picked up our various things and said our goodbyes and also left to catch our train..

A muchly fun day :)

-- Jonathan "Inertia" Cullinane

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