UK RASSMCon 3b: The Original Trilogy

I really don't know why I'm an ever present for these Cons as they involve such an early start for me but again I was up early to see the same nutters I see on the Net over and over again.

Anyway, this time around we had a bigger turn out however these newbies were more of a friend of a RASSMer type of thing, but we did manage to get JamesG to finally be able to come to a Con and we have special guest appearance by Kari.

Dave being the organiser was very happy with the turnout, well he seemed happy when he was boasting to me, but had forgotten to actually plan the day out and was hoping others would take the responsibility… he got lucky and they did.

So lets see, Snowy and Robbie (Cookie on #rassm) made the early start down and made Charing Cross Station about 9:30. While explaining to Rob what had happened last time and that being extremely early, we were set to meet at 10:30, that we may have to wait for the others I was more than surprised to find Dave, Nert, Ros already there, along with Dave's friends Caroline and Liz.

So as the old boys got re-aquatinted the newbies sat quietly making small talk and wondering what the hell they had let themselves in for. Taking up seating positions on the floor in the middle of the station we waited for the others to turn up. Star Wars music was played over someone's Walkman, Kermit made an appearance and the lightsabers were brought out of people's bags.

Anat then met the group of us and a young man, who had been wandering around the station for 15 minutes, came over and turned out to be James. After a few more minutes Kari made herself known and we all set off for the traditional shop.

Robbie turned out to be an excellent Navigator of London, which surprised the hell out of me as he always looks for the stairs in a one room bungalow, and between Anat and Robbie we got to all the shops while the rest of us talked about this and that and the other, bit like usual.

After the shops we all walked to Sega World, which is this big Arcade/shopping mall type thing which takes up about 5 levels. It also contains a vertical drop ride, which lifts you those 5 levels before letting go. For some unknown reason everybody thought it would be a good idea to make Snowy go on this ride.

Snowy, who has a fear of heights - and especially dropping from them, somehow managed to get out of this under the grounds he had no money.

Unfortunately we had to lose Kari at Sega World as she had other things to do, this was probably a safe thing to do.

Sega World was left, as we were all very hungry and McDonalds was invaded, we Brits love invading fast food joints just to see the fear in the staffs' eyes.

Eating in Leicester Square was amusing as Dave and Jon decided this would be the perfect place to saber fight. Dave, who is known to be extremely dangerous with a saber, managed to avoid injury somehow…

It was also the site for the 'Let's race of with Robbie's cap' game, which involved Snowy and Ros running with a hat while Robbie chased. Great fun.

After the exercise, we all made the long trip, and I mean 'long' trip, to Jon's home to watch ANH. We also got to watch the Kermit Trilogy which had been filmed at the last Con but was too big for Jon to yet put on the Net, pity cause it's quite good even if I do say so myself.

After ANH had finished, Snowy and Cookie had to head back to the station, and being the spoilsports we are we took the party with us. Basically everyone made their way home via the same route while they could and saying tearful thanks… I mean goodbyes as they went. Maybe next time we can watch TPM instead…

-- Snowy

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