Well, my Con started out with a 5 hour., roundabout plane ride with 2 small children and full planes, trying to fly stand-by....;-)

I made a quick stop at my sisters' house to drop off the kids and pick up supplies....

Once I actually reached the Bay Area, Dan and I met up, stuffed a bit more junk in his beautiful, new, green Subaru and took off about 4 pm to hopefully meet up with Mike and then Tatum.

After 3 hours of traffic jams and we still hadn't made it out of the Bay Area (!), we knew we were not going to meet up with Michael in time and that it was probably going to be a much later night/drive than what we had thought.

The 2 Californians and Utahan realized a bit late that we had not made *specific* plans nor directions with the Washingtonian on the meeting place. So, Dan and I (and Michael before us...) drove around various sites looking for familiar license plates and generally just getting frustrated. :P We did know that Mike had been there, as the ranger/host did remember seeing a fish from Sacramento come through there. ;-) Michael gave up first and got a wonderful, seedy motel in Grants Pass, OR.   Dan and I gave up and didn't even bother putting up the tent, as it was 2:30 am or so and we were a bit tired.

The next morning was beautiful. I woke up at about 8 am and watched a bald eagle catch his breakfast and generally took in the view. I walked down to the local country bumpkin store and got some caffeine and cereal (the essentials of life) and walked back to camp. Just as I got off the road, a MonCal drove by....what luck! We spent a few minutes deciding where and what to go/see/do and had just loaded up the car to go when Tatum drove up. Again, what timing! We then found out that this had just been part of our Jedi Patience Training (tm) and that we had been graded on our Force Sensitivity to sense Rassmers. We all had gotten 'A+'s'!

We all formed a caravan down to Crescent City to the Redwood forest, i.e. Endor. Luckily, 20 some people had cancelled their reservations for Sat. night and we got a campsite. It was gorgeous! We set up the tent and camp and set out to see what we could see. The Smith River was beautiful. It had a beach and was very warm. Tatum and I wanted to go swimming, but the guys didn't want to....;-) We did go wading....except for a certain fish who curiously avoided the water....

We then went for our Jedi Training Walk on Endor. Although I doubt RotJ was filmed right there, the scenery was exactly the same. Michael showed off his extraordinary strength, whilest tmarie and Jill Marie showed off their humour. (Which I think the guys, who were trying to have 'serious' SW Card Game convo, didn't fully appreciate....;-)) Whatever Michael says that we said....don't believe him...he's just covering up for himself here....:)

We climbed some trees and caught some Ewoks.....argued over whether C'Ewok was Light Side or Dark Side and then went back to camp to roast our Ewok for supper. Yum, yum....;-)

After *finally* getting the BBQ charcoal to light, (Note: Bring starter fluid next time...) the women decided to save the day/night and bring home some firewood....which the women had to start the fire also, as men are essentially useless in this endeavor....;-) The men defensively said that "fire was not their element...". :P

We talked around the campfire until late and then a certain MonCal had an idea to take a 'night hike'. So, 3 Rassmers went into the woods for a walk. (Don't most horror stories start out this way? ;-) ) Actually, my, tmarie, and Michael's walk was uneventful, except for my batteries giving out half way through. Even in the dark, the Redwood's were spectacular.

Barq joined us for breakfast the next morning, eating Michael's potato chips and warming his hands by the fire....

We broke camp and proceeded on to Crescent City and the ocean where we walked on the beach and went to an overlook....somehow discussing the wonders of fishnet stockings and electrical tape and stilettos.....;-)

A quick lunch and we said good-bye....around 1:30 pm on Sunday.

9 hours later we were home....I missed my flight back, but caught the first flight on Monday and was fine. Michael got home about the same time, but tmarie got home a bit late....

All in all a great camping trip that we'll have to do again. We just need more planning and more _time_.....Maybe Yosemite or Point Reyes next time....

-- Jill-Marie Fritsche

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