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Our top spy, Tarkin, has infiltrated the Lucasfilm compound to bring the fans some of the most startling Prequel rumors. Tarkin has already been removed from the compound once when they discovered that he really wasn't Lucas' second uncle's son's stepchild from a previous marriage. However, Tarkin has been able to reinfiltrate the compound thanks to his new "identity" and has been reporting back so that the fans can really know what is going on with the Prequels.

August 16, 2002

Despite spreading on the Internet and Usenet the title "An Ally Turns Away" will not be the title of Episode III. The inside track is now being held by "All Hope Lost". George has been over heard allegedly saying, "I will never bend to the wishes of the fans even if that was the title I really wanted. All hope is lost for them. Hey, wait, that'd be a good title. I think I'll use it."

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