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" 'usher', this has an other-worldly quality to it, sounds like the name for a happy droid, ageless..." - Arlene Usui
Designations: Rambling Old Cynical Jedi Engineer
Official RASSM Smartass (ORSa)
Scoundrel / Rascal
The Exalted One
Official RASSM Cool Person (ORCP)
RASSM Comic Relief (RCR)
Awarded the HNTC Award for Valor during the Debacle at Hallifax (Sith War II)
AFC member
RASSM Oldbie
Formal Training: Engineer, Master Educator
Current Employment:Minion education
Senator to the RASSM Summit from the Kolrad System
Last Known Location:Outside the capital of the Kolrad System
Known Skills:Holonet interface design; basic ship repair; freestanding abode design; multi-lingual;
Known Languages:English; BASIC; German; Fortran; some Hebrew; Hitmal
Former Primary Ship:The Bessie alias Mykar, an aging light freighter from the Mercury Drive Yards, GMLS-1985 Destroyed in the final battle of Sith War II by "stray" fire from Gretel Many's ship. Vuffiraa's ship, which was parked next to it, was damaged beyond repair.
New Primary Ship:Armoured personnel shuttle designation CR-V04
Secondary Ship:(Name unknown, alias Yorkar), an SL-1-00 shuttlecraft from the Saturn Drive Yards
Preferred Weapon:His Wit & Sarcasm
Objects Carried:Vibro blade, secretable knife of Mandalore design, blaster, multi-tool
Usual Accoutriments:Lightweight, all-terrain boots; breathable, high strength trousers (usually earth tones); canvas web belt; colorful short-sleeved shirt; grey/black jacket; black weatherproof hat styled after those preferred in the Australus Cluster
Physical Appearance:Height: 1.72m (69 inches)
Hair: blonde
Eyes: hazel
Skin color: (seasonal) pale to red-brown
Date of Birth:19711112 (AD, system local Gregorian)
Place of Birth:Milky Way Galaxy, Outer Rim, Solar System, Earth (Sol 3)
"As RASSM Turns":Had an afair with Rakelle precipitating her divorce from Gerthein; Ep.799: Required/received rebuttal surgery; Ep. 800: Rakelle (the disguised Ewok) left him without explanation
Phrases to live by: I disapprove of what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it. - Voltaire
Use soft words and hard arguments. - English proverb
Women without desires aren't worth desiring.
You are never too old, just more easily distracted by other things.
"A wise man must blind his eyes, cover his ears, and trust his heart to know the truth." - Atahualpa (the last Incan chief)

By the Way, The Stormtrooper doesn't hit his head.

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