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The Failed Plans of RASSM
E.W.O.R. - Experienced Women of RASSM
Originally titled "Erotic Women of RASSM", it was renamed to be more inclusive. The group existed as a loose coalition for a couple of months before the page was created and a brief survey filled out by the members. Since then it has seen sparse submissions (mostly at usher's urgings and getting further apart).

RASSM Radio Drama
After the initial excitement shown by RASSMers in having their own voices as the characters in the Star Wars radio drama, this page was created and a call for voice samples was put out in the newsgroup. No samples were submitted and the RASSM Radio Drama was not mentioned again except that the page's design was well liked.

The Official RASSM Homepage
Created by James Trory in 1996, he did all the initial "legwork" on the page. He called on the RASSMers for assistance several times, however, very few answered his requests and fewer followed through on their offers. After a major cleanup and redesign in the early part of 1998, the page was temporarily handed over to Chris Hawkins for updating as of August 1. So far there have been many to offer their assistance. It will remain to be seen how many actually follow through this time. It doesn't look promising, even eight months later.
- Through the persistance of Chris Hawkins, the ORHP continues to grow.

RASSM Christmas Card to George Lucas
Originally intended to feature artwork by RASSMer Amara and the signatures of as many RASSMers as possible, it got bogged down in the details of how to collect the signatures (manually or digitally), who would scan them and print them (if digitally), whether there should be three cards (SE Asia/Australia/New Zeland, North America, Europe) or just one, and the logistics of cost in sending the cards themselves around for signatures and attaching the art to the front afterwards.


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