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RASSMers: Missing In Action
Have you seen these people?
If you have any information on their current whereabouts, keep it to yourself unless they have returned to RASSM.   ;)   In which case, Tell Me.
If there is a RASSMer you haven't seen for six months or longer Let Me Know.

Missing RASSMer (last seen via DejaNews/Google Groups, US style date)


Cyberkidd (8-05-96)
Gonkite (9-30-96)

Meg Kribble (2-17-97)
General Sai (4-01-97)
Dark Bith of the Sith (4-21-97)
Rancorr Blackmane (5-13-97)
u02rc (6-03-97)
Harry Knowles (6-19-97)
Paul Hay {Goater} (7-24-97) (9-15-97)
Ryan Lawler (9-22-97)
Simon (10-14-97)
Edgar Governo (10-22-97)
Daniel Miller (11-2-97) Returned mid-2001
Ed Lee (11-04-97)
Deanna Nichols [was: Kramer] (11-20-97)
Andrew Marshall (11-29-97)
thebestun (12-27-97)

K. Howe (1-23-98)
solo351 (1-29-98)
Keapon (1-30-98)
Spaceman Spiff (1-31-98)
FilmJerk (3-01-98) Found: (09-21-98)
Jared Burrell (3-11-98) AKA "Mazlow"
Vader129 (3-22-98)
Anakin Starkiller (3-23-98)
Bria (3-23-98)
Hoking Xu (3-23-98)
Mondak (3-28-98)
Scott Chitwood (7-7-98) Spotted: (01-09-99)


Mike Gasper (9-28-99)


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