Genevieve Williams

Available Columns

May 2002: Bigger, Better, Faster, More

March 2002: Movie Review: Blade II: This Movie Bites

March 2002: Use of Weapons

January 2002: Review: Lord of the Rings

November 2001: Review: The One

August 2001: Send in the Clones

December 2000: A Fine Romance

April 2000: Top Ten Things I Learned from Watching Star Wars

November 1999: Death of a Wookiee

October 1999: The Matrix is the Star Wars of the 90s

August 1999: Outgrowing Star Wars or, Confessions of a World-Weary Fan

July 1999: The Phantom Menace

May 1999: Episode I: Kids All Over Again

October 1998: Star Wars and Wicca

June 1998: Star Wars and the New Age

March 1998: Star Wars v. Titanic

February 1998: The Music of Star Wars

January 1998: Star Wars as Genre Entertainment

December 1997: But Is It Canonical?

November 1997: Me and My Column

Genevieve Williams is a musician and freelance writer. She lives in Seattle.

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