Children of the Jedi
[Barbara Hambly, Bantam Books, 1997]


Eight years after the events of "Return of the Jedi", and the galaxy has quieted down.

Leia goes on an official trip to the peaceful planet Ithor, but a gatecrasher turns up. He happens to be an old friend of Han's, but now barely recognisable due to a serious narcotics OD and a Force-induced personality wipe. He mumbles something about Children of the Jedi, which is the clue our heroes decide to investigate.

Han, Leia and R2-D2 go to a small [formerly smugglers'] enclave on a remote world. Luke, Threepio and a couple of Jedi head off to a randomly chosen location in deep space.

However, things take a nasty turn. Luke's starfighter shot down over a seemingly uninhabited world. He and his companions discover that one of the Emperor's pre-Death Star superweapons has been reactivated.

Leia is kidnapped, and discovers who is behind the plot. Not to give away spoilers, but the term "Emperor's Hand" is used more than once.

By the end of the book, most loose ends have been tied up. Also, a new possible love interest has been introduced for Luke.


The big 5 stars head off to save the galaxy yet again! Well, at least they didn't drag Lando along for the ride again.

The book is interesting in a number of respects. We get an insight into Leia's life as a member of the aristocracy. Also, the question is posed, should the New Republic prosecute "war criminals"?

However, there are some blatant flaws in this work. The villains do not appear in any other books, and thus leave plot questions unanswered. As for the "war criminals" question - see the third book in this trilogy, "Planet of Twilight".

Rating: 75%

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