Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
[Michael Reaves, Century Books, 2001]


This book is set just before the events of "Phantom Menace". The Nemoidians are in the final preparations for their blockade, but one of their leaders has gone on the run from his associates. The Trade Federation sends a bounty hunter after him, while Darth Sidious sends ... Darth Maul, Shadow Hunter.

The protagonists of the book, for Maul is still the antagonist despite being the title character, are a female Jedi Padawan and a jedi-hating information broker.

The Information Broker hates the jedi for a reason that he refuses to talk about. But when it is revealed, we must ask ourselves - does the Jedi Order deserve to exist?

The Padawan is assigned to guard a witness, and transport him from a safe-house in a slum to a safe area elsewhere. However, the slum holds dangers greater than the Padawan can deal with. The way the Jedi Order makes a mess of this operation is quite unbelievable.

Half way through the book the plot threads tie together, and the protagonists go on the run with Maul in pursuit. Anyone who knows what happens in "Phantom Menace" will have deduced that Maul's chances of survival are noticeably higher than his foes', but it is entertaining to find out exactly how the battle is won ...


Darth Maul was the best character in "Phantom Menace", which makes the film so much more disappointing when you consider the fact that he is only in it for a couple of scenes. Hell, he is on the cover of the film's novelisation but on very few of the pages inside!

This book attempts to do what the film should have done: allow Maul to be a character in himself, to display his full potential.

Rating: 90%

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