Slave Ship
[K.W. Jeter, Bantam Books, 1998]


There are 2 stories in this novel, "Now" [just after Jabba's death in ROTJ] and "Then" [just after ANH].

The "Now" tale is a follow-up to the stories in "Tales of Jabba's Palace" and Dengar's tale in "Tales of the Bounty Hunters" [TOTBH] - Dengar and a mysterious former dancing girl called Neelah look after Fett, escaped from the Sarlacc's maw, and attempt to protect him from the enemies who want to finish what Han Solo and the Sarlacc started.

The "Then" story is the main bulk of the book, told as a flashback. Fett is hired to join the Bounty Hunters' Guild [full of "amateurs" he despises] in order to spark off a conflict between the Guild Elders and the younger, greedier members.

In the final section of the book we learn 2 things that make the plot easier to understand - one is Kuat's motive in wanting Fett dead, the other is the identity of the mysterious Neelah.


Little can be said about this book that has not been said about its predecessor. The author's use of Star Wars characters has improved - here Zuckuss makes a cameo appearance and is portrayed as a slightly less bumbling rookie than in the previous book, but still not as a character recognisable as the Gand findsman of TOTBH.

Rating: 80%

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