The Crystal Star
[Vonda McIntyre, Bantam Books, 1994]


Han, Luke and Threepio go to Crseih Space-station, located in a unique solar system with a black hole and a crystalizing White Dwarf - the "Crystal Star" of the title. They are incognito, their secret mission to meet with Han's former lover Xaverri, who has stumbled across an enticing mystery. A strange creature, Waru, has the ability to cure the incurable. But sometimes the patients die ...

Elsewhere, Jacen & Jaina and baby Anakin are kidnapped by persons unknown. Chewbacca, wounded in the attack, and Leia must track down the missing children. They disguise themselves as bounty-hunters, and Leia tries to use the Force to find her offspring.

The Children of the Jedi wake up in the boarding-school from Hell - run by a Dark Jedi named Hethrir, leader of "The Empire Reborn".

After 200 pages nothing of interest has happened! Then, after 2/3 of the book, the 3 plot threads start to come together. The end, however, is a complete anti-climax.


Almost every review of this book mentions how much the reviewer hates this book. THIS reviewer, however, has a different opinion. The book is not worthy of hate, it is merely boring.

The author's writing style is not terrible, as KJA's so clearly is - or understated, as Tyson and Wolverston's are. Except for a truely terrible piece of dialoge from Threepio about spiders, the book is quite readable.

Except for the plot.

The book is basically "Nancy Drew in Space". Leia and Jaina are the 2 characters that dominate the book, and the male characters are pretty much wasted. In fact, ALL the characters are pretty much out of character - but since nothing really happens then it can almost slip by without the reader noticing.

There is no action, no midpoint, no tension, no drama - no point in reading this book, actually. This reviewer held off for long enough on the advice of others, and now realises how right they were!

Rating: 20% [to SW completists]
Rating: 00% [to those people who do not wish to waste hours of their life]

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