The New Rebellion
[Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Bantam Books, 1996]


The galaxy has quieted down, Mon Mothma has retired and Leia is now Chief of State. The only problems the New Republic faces are political, with a rising conflict between the older Senators [ex-Rebels] and newly-elected planetary representatives [including former Imperials]. Yes, as in the X-Wing books the "rebel scum" are anti-democracy.

During the first ceremony with the new Senators, an attack is made on the Senate. It appears that a Force-powerful stranger is out to destroy the New Republic, and has a superweapon that allows him to strike at any target he wants.

Luke sets out to track down a suspect - Brakiss [from JA3 and "I, Jedi"], a former Jedi student who dropped out. However, Brakiss is expecting him ...

Han and Chewie return to "Skip One" [from Ann Crispin's "Young Han Solo Trilogy"] to track down a conspiracy behind recent activities by the smugglers there.

Leia blames the ex-Imperials, and they in turn cast the blame on her. Artoo and Threepio are the only ones who seem to know what is going on - but as they are only droids, nobody cares what they think.


The refreshing thing about this book is the fact that there is no "fanwank"! There are many references to the Extended Universe novels, which is vital to the plot because of the reappearance of several characters - in fact, there is significant closure to the other tales because of this. However, there are no gratuitous references to the films!

This book addresses the question "why do all conspiracies involve the Big 7 characters"? The answer is simple; Leia is Galactic President, Luke is the last Jedi Master, and every other character's importance to the plot is directly related to their closeness to the Skywalker twins! Think about it - Chewbacca does SFA in the books, and Lando is generally less important than Mara Jade.

The best thing about the book? The "Thernbee", an incredibly cool monster that certainly deserves to be used again.

Rating: 80 %

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