My Star Wars Fanfic

It's not a well-known fact (maybe because I don't exactly advertise?) but I've written two fanfic stories. The first one can be found on The Fan Fiction Library Site and The Club Jade Site, and I'm thinking of sending the second one there too.
I thought of writing these after reading bundles of fanfic that was somewhat more "explicit" than I like in the SW universe, and two different alternate universe/dream sequence stories where none of the story after the Last Command had happened, and Luke and Mara were married and she was a Jedi. So, I wrote a story making Mara a Jedi and hooking them up without any nasty bed scenes ;)
The second (and IMO better) story is a sequel; a story about what happened on one planet in the aftermath of the events in the first story, and also the story of a villain of mine.
The weird thing about these stories is that after writing them in 1996 and 1997-98, respectively, I read Timothy Zahn's Specter of the Past and Vision of the Future. Elements of VotF reminded me of VoD, and elements of SotP reminded me of CoLaD. Spooky coincidence, or great minds think alike?

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