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Me and RASSM

I started out on RASSM late 1996; my first post was about Jedi clothing after death... that post triggered my first "Vader did not disappear" debate, which has been repeated many, many times ;) Other of my fave pet peeves have been: Fett died, DE sucks, Stormtroopers aren't clones, and Funk is overrated >:)
During my time on RASSM I've participated in things like As RASSM Turns, The Official RASSM Movie, ROTJ:SE:SE, and of course the Sith Wars. My Sith War carreer started out as Rogue Jedi of the Twilight Side© of the Force, which had become Female Badass Rogue Jedi by the end of the first war. I gradually slipped out of the main chaos until I set up my own death on January 23, 1998. Now, nobody is allowed to bring me back into the war, which some thought meant my name was not to be mentioned... I've now become the Sith War Goddess and the Deceased Deity of the Holy Crusade to Take Over RASSM ;)
I'm also part of a triumvirate, Armchair Empress and Satai of the Hoth system, was blamed for inspiring a Gonk smiley, and have been proclaimed a Horsewoman of the Apocalypse along with Kim Le...
Oh, and I run the Unofficial RASSM page :)

If you want to learn anything else, read RASSM, or visit my other page.

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