Sith War I

What started out as a normal RASSM Gonk cult argument gradually developed into something much more the summer of '96, ending up as an epic saga where the Dark Dark side meets the Light Dark side, the Light side, the Twilight side and every conceivable thing in between, from Star Trek to the Macarena!
This is a collection of stories from what was known as the first Sith War on rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc:

Sith War II

Sith War II occured later (December '96) and is archived on the Official RASSM Home Page's Sith Wars section

Sith War III

Sith War III, when things got really messy ;) A lesson to never bring a pet squirrel to a sabacc game...

This war eventually petered out and turned into the RASSM Summit before it was ended. The ending was lost in obscurity for a long time; indeed, some say it never ended; but here it (supposedly) is:
The Official End of Sith War III.

Sith War IV

A Sith War IV started in late 1997, and like the third, there has been no definitive proof of its ending. The archives were slow in materializing, but they finally appeared here.

Sith War V

Sith War V. The less said, the better ;) More information to come if I can find anything that makes sense of this travesty.

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