Wookie vs Wookiee ©

Don't you know it's spelled Wookiee? If I had a dollar for every time I read/heard that, I would have most of mine & my wife's student loans paid off. As you already know, the majority of people say that Wookiee is the proper spelling of the species to which Chewbacca belongs. However, I prefer to spell Wookie with one and only one e. I have various reasons for spelling Wookie as I do and I will share a few of them with you:

While many may disagree, I claim that the spelling of Wookie with one e to be valid. The novelization of Star Wars, which is canon, spells Wookie both ways which implies that they are equivalent to one another and both are valid spellings. If Lucas truly felt that Wookie should be spelled with only two e's, then he would have requested that Del Rey replace Wookie with Wookiee before the publishing run for the Special Editions. After all, technology has advanced enough that this process would not be difficult. However, Lucas has requested no such change which means that he does not object to the use of Wookie instead of Wookiee. The spelling is entirely up to the individual because both forms are valid and they are equivalent to one another.

Listed below are various books and periodicals which have spelled Wookie with one e:

Book/Periodical Date of Publication
Star Wars 1976
Time May 30, 1977
Mediascene July 1977
People July 18, 1997
National Review July 22, 1977
Christianity Today September 23, 1977
Science Digest June 1980
Time May 19, 1980
New Yorker May 26, 1980
People June 9, 1980
Commentary August 1980
Fortune October 6, 1980
Time May 23, 1983
Rolling Stone July 21/August 4, 1983

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