Climate Info.


Butcherbugs are armored, mutltilegged insectoids that have an appearance which resembles a spider. They spin a tough, molecule-thick wire web betweent the roots of gnarltrees. Their webs are invisible unless viewed from a particular angle. When a flying creature makes contact with the web, it is shredded to pieces. The butcherbug then emerges from its nest and devours the pieces.


Dragonsnakes are large, up to 4 meters long, underwater predators that are native to Dagobah. They are quite active and usually hunt predators which wander too close to the edge of the water. Dragonsnakes use their razor-sharp fins, constrictor coils, and fangs to capture and devour their prey.

Knobby Spider

The Knobby Spider is one small stage in the life of a gnarltree. In this stage they resemble an oversized arachnid and gorge themselves on other animals, storing energy in their large, up to 4 meters high, heads. Once enough has been stored, the spider anchors itself to the soil and enters the longest stage of its life by expanding its energy to grow upward into a gnarltree.

Swamp Slug

The Swamp Slug is an omnivorous creatures that will eat just about anything it can pull into its mouth. Their large size, up to 8 meters in length, is one of its natural defenses and its small number of vital organs make them very difficult to kill. Prey is pulverized into a digestible mass by thousands of teeth that line its throat.

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