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The divto is a fearsome three-headed snake that is approximately three meters in length. It strikes it prey three times in rapid succession with each head, delivering poison to its prey. After the prey succumbs to the poison, the divto drags its prey into the deep forest to consume it.


The preducor is a large, 4 meters tall & 5 meters long, animal which makes its home anywhere in the forest. It stands on 4 very strong, clawed legs, has a rather long, spiked tail, and its mane consists of razor-sharp hair. Large folds of skin protrude from its back (many scientists consider these protrusions to be vestiges of wings which no longer work). Preducors are normally docile during daylight hours, but they begin to hunt for any large creature at the first signs of darkness. Once they have detected prey, they go right after it and it is nearly impossible to distract them during the chase. It uses its teeth and front claws to incapacitate its prey and uses its tail as a secondary method of attack and to keep other preducors away while it feeds.

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