Climate Info.


Tauntauns are large, bipedal herbivores. They are approximately 1.3 to 2 meters tall at the shoulder. Tauntauns have thick, grey fur to protect themselves against the cold temperatures of Hoth. Tauntauns are easily domesticated and make for very good pack animals. Their first instinct is to flee, but they will fight if cornered or in defense of their young. Tauntauns have muscular hind legs that end in tridactyl feet with hooked claws and they also have large, curved horns which protrude from the sides of their heads. Unlike wampas, tauntauns travel in herds. They eat a peculiar form of fungus that lives just below the top of the snow and ice. During the day, they search for spots where their claws can scrape away enough ice to get to food. At night, they seek caves and other cover and they huddle together for warmth and protection. If they are caught out alone in the open after dark, their thick fur will not protect them against the nighttime temperatures of Hoth. Many tauntauns die of starvation in the winter months due to scarcity of water and food caused by the increased thickness of the ice which covers the ground.


Wampas are the ruling predator of Hoth. They are approximately 3 meters tall, have razor-sharp claws, and a fanged maw. Older wampas possess horns which grow larger with age. They have an acute sense of smell which aids them in searching for prey. Also, wampas have thick, white fur. Wampas roam the icy plains of Hoth and prey on animals such as the tauntaun. They make their home in ice caverns beneath the surface of Hoth. Wampas disable their prey, drag it off to their lair, and suspend it from the ceiling. They prefer fresh meat, so their victims are often kept alive. Scientists believe that wampas are solitary predators. Yet, research and first-hand experience has shown that wampas can and will coordinate mass attacks. Further research has revealed the existence of a certain class of big game hunter which specializes in "sport hunting" wampas and other large predators. Wampa pelts or stuffed heads are prized trophies in the some circles of the hunting community. Also, wampa "souvenirs" and even clothing made of wampa fur have been known to fetch extremely high prices at trading posts.

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