Climate Info.

Battle Hydra

An alchemical creation of Exar Kun which was originally intended to test his theories. It is a large, 1.0-1.5 meters tall & 3.1-3.6 meters long, reptile with leathery wings, two headed, and has a tail tipped with a hooked stinger which contains a strong, acidic crystallized poison. The torso is very muscular and is covered with scales. Lastly, battle hydras are very shy creatures and will not attack a person unless cornered or called on by a Sith Lord.

Piranha Beetle

The piranha beetle has an iridescent blue color and is about 5 centimeters long. Most sentient visitors to Yavin IV consider it to be nothing more than a pest. However, to smaller animals, the hum of a hunting piranha beetle usually means death. The beetles are carnivorous, hunt in small groups, and subsonically contact the rest of the group when they have found suitable prey. The rest of the group arrives shortly after the call and they attack in hordes, stripping their prey to the bone within a few minutes. The beetles stay away from large animals and beings unless a swarm becomes too large to sustain itself. Once this happens, the piranha beetles go mad and attack one another, as well as everything living or dead in the nearby vicinity. Only after the swarm is nearly decimated does the madness subside.

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